When you’re about 10 weeks pregnant, pictures are taken of your baby for the first time. This is in most cases the first doctor visit as well. At the same time, most doctors choose to do the first ultrasound scan.
This scan gives you that amazing first picture of the little miracle inside your body. Most parents are overjoyed at this moment, ‘seeing’ their child for the first time and hearing the minute heart beating.
There is an ongoing debate about the safety of an ultrasound, between the mainstream medical establishment and natural health practitioners. It is clear to understand that the mainstream medical establishment does not see any problems with ultrasound, while natural health people are concerned.
My bias is towards being cautious, just to let you know that I don’t claim to be objective. After some reading, I’m a little suspicious.
The arguments for ultrasound is that it is only sound. The reflection of the sound against the different types of body tissue is what gives the picture. Doctors hope to find possible problems early. With the use of ultrasound and statistical data, they estimate the probability of malformations.
On the other hand, the safety of ultrasounds is not above board. The vibration of the sound waves could make normal cells to collapse. Another possible harmful side effect is that brain damage could occur. A Swedish study were done on adults born in the 1970’s, who received ultrasound scans before birth, and these people now show subtle signs of brain damage.
Since there is a strong possibility that ultrasounds are not as safe as doctors want us to believe, rather think very carefully before you receive a scan at all.
The accuracy of scan ‘results’ are at its best inaccurate. And if your doctor suspected that your child may be Downs, how much will that info really help you? Does it really help to make good decisions or to prepare you for what waits? I don’t think so.
Just think back to the times in your life that you received bad news unexpectedly. Yet, somehow you managed to handle it. Friends of ours did not know their baby was Downs until she was born. It was a major shock, but soon they accepted it.Baby, fetus at 10 weeks
I believe that the idea that your baby might be deformed create only unnecessary stress and anxiety. And while you are waiting for your baby’s arrival, the one or two things you might be able to do about it makes no big difference. This unnecessary stress is damaging to your health, as well as to you baby’s. When you discover some malformations after the birth, at least your child won’t be physically affected by your anxiety.
Rather to worry if your child would be normal, focus on it to provide your child everything she needs to develop. Focus on improving your health and your mindset. Take whatever comes your way with all the grace given to you.
Nothing will happen to you which you are not able to handle. This truth is already captured in ancient times, in the book that the apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians (I Cor 10:13).
Although the laws of creation are mostly at work in the development of a baby, you also have a responsibility. What you can do is to improve your own health. That way you automatically improve your child’s health.
In my opinion, 10 weeks pregnant pictures of your baby will help little to ‘do something’ about possible malformations. Along with that, there is the possibility of causing slight brain damage.
During my wife’s pregnancy with our first child, she had several ultrasound scans. In the future pregnancies, I’ll definitely allow a scan only in a serious emergency.
10 weeks pregnant pictures of your baby is very exiting, but not worth the potential long term risks involved with an ultrasound scan.
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