Ever wonder why your children are so interested in dinosaurs? Either through toys or picture books, dinosaurs always find a way to attract them.

What’s so fascinating about dinosaurs?

Researchers state that at some point, a child will develop what they call as intense interest. It is a condition when your child is obsessed with something. It is like love at first sight. Your child looks at something and discovers that the thing really fascinates them.

Vehicles take the first rank when it comes to intense interest. Train, motorcycle, car, or bicycle, you name it all. And guess what, dinosaurs happen to take the second place.

Learning about dinosaurs is good for your child

It is true that intense interest can be problematic. However, it can also provide benefits for your child.

A child’s obsession with dinosaurs can make your child smarter. It is because a conceptual domain like dinosaurs doesn’t exist in our time. Therefore, your child has to find sources that can help him learn more about the extinct creatures.

Being used to researching stuff since he is young can increase his knowledge and persistence. Your child can also pay attention to things better and process information deeper. Therefore, those skills make him a better learner and smarter kid.

Because learning also has to mean having fun for a child, as a parent you have to provide him an educating and fun medium to channel his obsession.

Reading books and going to the museum can give your child meaningful insights about dinosaurs. However, those are not the only way. Movies or videos are also a good medium for your child to learn more about dinosaurs.

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Lucky for you, now movies about dinosaurs are increasing in numbers. But you don’t want your child to watch just any movies, right? Even though there are many dinosaur movies out there, some are not watchable for your child. Here are ten movies about dinosaurs that your child can watch. Of course, without you having to worry about adult contents.

  1. The Land Before Time

The 1988 film tells about the journey of Littlefoot. He is a young Apatosaurus, a herbivore dinosaur that goes for the search of the legendary Great Valley.

Littlefoot’s mother is passed away after protecting him from a Sharptooth attack, causing him to be separated from the other herds. His mother tells him to keep going on looking for the Great Valley.

Sad and alone, Littlefoot meets new friends, Cera, Ducky, and Petrie that keep him company until they reach the oasis that they have been looking for. In the end, they are reunited with their own family.

This movie is heart-warming, which can be good for your child to feel empathy for other people’s situation.

  1. Dinosaur

Dinosaur is a 2000-movie that tells a story of Aladar. In this movie, you won’t get a typical story of a dinosaur family. Aladar is an iguanodon that has been separated from his parents since he is an egg because other dinosaurs steal him.

Failed to use Aladar as their food, Aladar is then adopted by a family of lemurs. They are forced to go on a journey to find the Nesting Ground, a place where they can find another life because meteors turn their home into a wasteland.

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However, the journey is not easy. Along with the herds, Aladar meets a predator that aims at attacking them.

Because this is a live action mixed with animation movie, you and your child can watch it together and admire the cinematography at that time.

  1. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

In this movie, Sid, Manny, and Diego’s journey will take you to the prehistoric land. When they enter a secretive underground world, they happen to find an unfortunate sloth that needs their help.

The gang comes across so many creatures that they have never seen before during their mission, including hungry carnivores and Buck, a dinosaur-hunting weasel.

This is, like the previous two Ice Age movie, is a fun family movie. Therefore you don’t have to worry that your child will get scared of watching dinosaurs.

  1. The Good Dinosaur

This is another unusual movie. Instead of taking the direction of telling a story about dinosaurs and the meteors that wipe them out, this movie set dinosaurs as animals that survive. The meteors do not hit earth and dinosaurs always live.

This movie tells Arlo, a young dinosaur that meets human for the first time. After washed away in a river, Arlo ends up miles away from home. After that, he encounters Spot, a human child who is also separated from his family. During their journey, Arlo and Spot become friends, trying to get back to their own family.

This unique movie can teach your child about accepting differences because it doesn’t only contain dinosaurs as the main character but also gives moral value to everyone who watches the movie.

  1. Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie
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This movie follows a story of Patchi, a dinosaur that hatches among a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus that is larger than him. Because his body is smaller than his brothers, he has to compete using his mind, not muscle, especially with Scowler.

A terrible fire causes Patchi, Scowler, and a female named Juniper to go on their own journey. In order to survive, Patchi must compete with Scowler and call for his inner courage to be the dinosaur that he is supposed to be.

This one may actually be the one that aims at being a documenter. Although it is represented as a movie that tells you a story, this movie doesn’t really tell a story. What this movie is all about is teaching your child dinosaurs. As for a story point of view, this may be not a good movie for you, but for your child, this movie can be really educating.

There you go. Five movies about dinosaurs that you can watch together with your children. Learning about dinosaurs can teach your children how to be curious. By being curious, it will lead them to explore and learn more.

Books and museums are one of the best sources that you can use. But if you want to entertain your children a little, movies can be an alternative. However, no matter how your children learn about dinosaurs, your guidance and love as a parent is the most important thing.

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