5 mistakes When Feeding Baby

5 mistakes When Feeding Baby

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5 mistakes When Feeding Baby – Many of the common mistakes done when parents feed the babies, ranging from a matter of force feeding to introducing new foods. So, what should be done by parents?

Often parents do not realize that he made a mistake in the feeding of infants. It is true, in addition to the stimulation, food that is filled with nutrients is also an important key to support the growing swell of the fruit of the heart.

The food must be varied in order to satisfy an important nutritional element throughout is required. Completeness the goods have been prepared properly, it must also be coupled with a diet and how the granting of the right.

If both of these things does not run smooth, balanced intake of infants could be hampered. As a result, the nutrients he needs not met perfectly. On the stages of a certain age, the baby is indeed sometimes having their own food preferences or the term picky eater. In these conditions, infants tend to choose food and only eat the food that he likes and reject new foods. If this condition persists, the diversity of the food will be limited so that the entirety of the nutrients that babies need not being met.

However, don’t rush to call your baby as a picky eater. Most conditions that lead to babies being a picky eater can be caused by an error when feeding.

Force feeding

One of the things that makes the spirit in preparing baby food is to imagine it full of nutrients that food spending is already prepared. But what if he turned it down? Remember, babies need a lot of nutrients to growing important role, some parents choose forced him to eat it all with the reason for his kindness, too. If the way be justified?
Force feeding is one of the errors in the feeding of many parents. This is precisely the coercion will negatively affect the baby’s diet. At a later date, it will assume the mealtime is a time that is no fun and can make it more refuse food offered. Just like adults, sometimes babies also have the desire to determine when she wants to eat.
When the baby was reluctant to eat, store the food in advance. Let it do its activities a few moments, and then offer a more positive way with food. Set up a schedule packed constant can also be a solution. With a regular meal schedule, substances and enzymes involved in the digestive system also will be released in a scheduled. With the regularity of that system, the body will send signals to the brain’s ‘ hungry ‘ when she must eat at the dining. Remain newborn motivation with positive things, such as giving it a compliment at the time its running smoothly. The ideal duration of a baby to eat is 30 minutes. More than that, when the baby is still difficult to eat after the motivated, most sources stating it means he is not being truly hungry and not want to eat.

Plates must be clean

“The plates must be clean” is also one of the common mistakes done while feeding the baby. Many sources that can be used as a guide portion feeding the baby, but it’s not that these guidelines should be used as guidelines for the measurement of the absolute capacity of the stomach of the baby.
Remember, each baby is born unique including the ability to eat them. Instead of forcing a baby to spend food, give motivation and spirit him to eat until he feel full

Healthy food, but without a sense of

Did you know, the number of nerve endings in the mouth cavity taster baby much more than adults? The amount will gradually diminish as we age. These nerve endings was instrumental in determining the kinds of flavors like spicy, salty, sour, including tasty and yummy food is not.
The food tasted a little salty can prove very salty by the baby, so it is with a sense of foreboding or not good. This is not widely known by the parents. Don’t be trivial when baby refused food because it tastes. Try You prepare baby food that tastes too your liking. Certainly not spicy and definitely stay healthy.

The glut of snacks

Ideally, a pretty big babies need 3 servings of the main food and 2 servings of snacks to supplement his daily nutrition and calorie needs. However, lest the granting of such excessive snacks, both in terms of servings or prepare.
Snacks such as a high – calorie cake can make a baby quick satiety, so that he will not be an appetite when she must eat food. This is also one of the errors when feeding on a baby. As a solution, serve healthy snacks that are easily digested by the body such as fresh fruits.

Surrender offers new food

Baby refusing new foods offered? Does that mean he is picky or picky eater? Remember, the rejection does not mean the baby does not like to be the new food. Just maybe, he needs to make his foreign flavor a few times trying to recognize and then liked the flavor.
One source even mentions, it is worth 20 times the experiments offer a new type of food until the baby liked the food. So, do not easily give up when it offered a new flavor

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