At What Age Do Babies Start Talking

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At What Age Do Babies Start Talking – Although just laugh or even cry, you must be a very happy moment can be heard the voice of your child. Especially when he was able to respond to you. But, at what age the Moon Yes, he will throw his first words? According to Alzena Masykouri M.Psi., when children give the first word could be evidence that the little one has developed, and allows the little one will soon talk with his father and mother. Ah, can’t wait.

Wait used to be the mother. There are stages that must be the little one go through until later he can give the first word which evolved into sentences, and language proficiency. The following stages:

Age 0 – 6 months.
According to Alzena, ability to talk and speak is actually starting crying. When the baby, she conveys her feelings and desires towards the outside world (read: everyone else) through crying. If heeded, every little one cry is actually different and have different meanings.

This was the forerunner of the small talk and communicate. He will produce the sound of babbling  and recognize a familiar voice. Develop the ability of speech! Try to give your response when the little one cry or rant. This shows the little that we understand the intentions that he was attempting to convey. Also try talking to your baby when you are doing activities with him, while eating, dressing, bathing, diapers or simply encouraged him to play. Sing Your song baby also with soft music to communicate with him.

Ages 6 – 12 months.
At this age, babies showed a response to speech and language. He started the communication with the surrounding environment through gestures. He began to be waved, pointed response when his name was called, and demonstrate an understanding of the objects that are frequently used. In addition, he was also interested in story books, focused when invited to speak, start raving with expressive as he was talking seriously, and some of the kids start saying his first words. Develop the ability of speech!

At this age, stage talking to the little one becomes more enjoyable. Try to start teaching your baby naming names of objects that are frequently used. Speak clearly and not too fast and appreciated its efforts to repeat every word that you call. Keep telling activity that You do together. You can also begin to show the pictures in magazines or books while mentioning the name of the image is seen.

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