Babies Born With Teeth

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Babies Born With Teeth – Normally a baby tooth will have after the age of 6 months or 1 year. But in a rare condition, teeth had already appeared when the new baby is born. This condition is rare, because this incident happened about 1 in 2,000 births with one or two teeth. Dental has emerged of the moment a baby is born is called with ‘natal teeth’. Gums generally grow Down, Which Appears central incisor will. Have a small root structure and attach to the ends of the gums by soft tissue. If the placement is not appropriate may cause irritations, sores on the tongue when sucking baby and cause discomfort or pain in nursing mothers.
Generally the teeth on the new baby will appear between the ages of 6 months to 1 year and are the incisor teeth or milk. The first teeth to appear is the four front teeth on the top and bottom are useful for cut or bite of food. Most babies have one complete set of teeth (20 teeth) is 3 years old at the time, and will start the uninstall or the date when he was 5 years old making it possible to grow the permanent teeth gums until adulthood.
Most of the events in the emergence of a tooth when the baby is born is not related to a medical condition. However, there are also some conditions that cause “Natal teeth”, namely:
1. Isolated anomaly is the most common cause.
2. Syndrome Ellis-van Crevelnd, a disorder that is inherited by some form of abnormality and stunt.
3. Syndrome Hallerman-Streiff, a condition that affects the height, head shape and hair growth.
4. Syndrome, Pierre Robin, i.e. Conditions that appear at birth was marked by a very small lower jaw (micrognathia), the tongue tends to back and down (glossoptosis), and there’s a gap in the soft palate.
5. Soto’s syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by excessive physical growth during the first 2-3 years the life of the baby.

Babies Born With Teeth

Parents should keep the teeth clean by wiping the gums and teeth using a soft clean cloth. In addition, make sure baby’s tongue and gums do not experience injury due to the teeth. But if your baby is experiencing pain in the tongue or mouth, check with your doctor immediately.

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