A surprising number of couples looking for ways of influencing the sex of their child. Indeed, when asked, most would prefer a mixture of boys and girls rather than having children of just one sex.

For those who already have daughters, many couples will look at how to make a baby boy and there are a number of simple steps you can take to tip the odds in your favor.

Firstly, it is important to understand that a number of factors will influence which gender of sperm will reach the ovum first and fertilize it. It is not simply a case of both types of sperm being identical, other than for their gender and the “winner” is the one which just happens to get there first! Male and female sperm exhibit very different characteristics and understanding of what these are can help you to make informed choices.

What we do prior to conception, the timing and method of intercourse and what we eat all to determine which gender of a child we conceive. Usually, we unknowingly tip the odds one way or another and usually, this is not an issue. However, if you are wanting to know how to make a baby boy, information is key!

Male sperm is smaller and faster than female sperm. In addition, they do not survive very long compared to the more cumbersome, slower female sperm. male sperm thrives much better in an alkaline rather than acidic environment. Also, our diet is thought to influence the potential sex of our children.

So How Can This Help Us?

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1. The Timing Of Intercourse

Knowing that sperm has a very limited lifespan means that the timing of intercourse is crucial. If you are hoping to make a baby boy, you should aim to have intercourse as the year to ovulation as possible, and this is where ovulation prediction kits can prove to be very useful indeed. Having intercourse a couple of days before ovulation means that the male sperm will have perished by the time ovulation happens, leaving the longer-lasting female sperm ready for fertilization. If you time intercourse to coincide with ovulation as far as possible, the fast male sperm will reach the egg first.

2. The Environment

Male sperm prefer an alkaline environment and it is known that the area around the cervix is alkaline and therefore friendlier to male sperm. By having intercourse in positions that favor deep penetration, the male sperm is more likely to thrive.

3. Diet

Women who consume at least their recommended daily calorific intake are more likely to make a baby boy. Additionally, foods that are recommended for women wanting to conceive a son include red meats, eggs, raisins, mushrooms, beans and bread. Also, eating saltier foods seems to favor the conception of a boy.


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