Bleeding In Each Semester Are Not Necessarily Blood Miscarriage

Bleeding In Each Semester Are Not Necessarily Blood Miscarriage

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Bleeding In Each Semester Are Not Necessarily Blood Miscarriage – Discharge of blood from the vagina when pregnant can be a scary thing. Let alone a miscarriage is the cause of this condition is often. But the miscarriage was not the only cause of the bleeding. Let’s see what conditions can cause bleeding on while pregnant.
Miscarriage is the death of a fetus at a time when the pregnancy is still under age 24 weeks. It is estimated there are 25 percent pregnancy ended in a miscarriage due to the factor gene. For ever experienced it need not worry, because most women who miscarry will have a healthy pregnancy on it goes.
What Are The Signs Of A Miscarriage?
Don’t think that a miscarriage caused by stress, sexual intercourse while pregnant, or because of the exercise while pregnant. In fact, most miscarriages happen because the egg that has been fertilized eggs do not develop normally. Pregnancy under 12 weeks is the most vulnerable period experienced a miscarriage. Once past the age of 12 weeks, the risk of miscarriage decreases.
Beware the signs of miscarriage following:
  • JST a little or a lot of vagina, whether occasional or continuous in nature. Including the existence of a chain out of the vagina.
  • Discharge of blood accompanied by pain in the lower part of the abdomen, pelvic, or lower back.
Experience The Bleeding Doesn’t Always Mean A Miscarriage
When experiencing bleeding, don’t immediately panic. Do not immediately think that the blood is the blood of a miscarriage as well. In, there are also pregnant women who experience bleeding at the time of or during pregnancy, but still contain a fully healthy. In fact, according to the study, 25 percent of women experience bleeding in early pregnancy trimester, but only half of them are having a miscarriage.
Bleeding caused by the condition of the placenta that are not yet perfectly formed early in pregnancy. The lag time before the placenta is fully formed this is what causes the presence of bleeding. In this case, if you experience bleeding in the form of patches, then assessed is not the problem. However, you still advisable to checked myself to the obstetrician.
The same as in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, bleeding can occur. Irritation of the cervix due to sexual intercourse or any changes in the cervix due to pregnancy can be the cause of the bleeding. Sometimes, bleeding also occurs in the space between the placenta and uterus. Generally, this kind of bleeding will disappear by itself and is not a miscarriage of the blood.
Beware of bleeding and Understand Responses
Although the blood out of the blood is not necessarily a miscarriage, you are advised to remain alert. In case of bleeding at the time was pregnant, do the following:
  • At the time of the occurrence of bleeding, notice things that triggered this, as new sexual intercourse, vaginal area, on the clash, has recently been undergoing an examination of the uterus, or anything else.
  • Use a panty liner to measure the abundance of blood coming out. Note also the color of blood, are colored bright red, dark red, or brown.
  • Note also the possibility of pain in the back, nausea, contractions, changes the quality of vision, or the baby movement activity is reduced
The blood that appeared was not always the blood of a miscarriage. However, if you are pregnant and suddenly experienced bleeding, don’t take the risk. Immediately drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and to check with your doctor immediately, including telling me all the things you do before experiencing bleeding.

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