Bone broth for babies a good or terrible idea

Bone broth for babies, a good or terrible idea?

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What a blessing to have a cute little angel in your house. Babies will light up your days with small chuckles and constant cute little gestures all day long which bring immeasurable happiness to your family.

But, with a great give comes a great worry. The first thing comes to your mind is how to keep your baby safe? What is good or bad for your baby? And maybe the most important question is What is the best babies first food that you could give to your little angel?

Did you ever heard about bone broth? Or have you consider to give bone broth for your babies? This ancient food recipe is considered as nutrient-rich supplement which consists of various beneficial substance for your body. But can your baby benefits from bone broth nutrition?


What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a nutrient-rich liquid made from bones and connective tissue of chicken, turkey, fish, or beef boiled down for 12 hours or more which mixed with vegetables and seasoning. It is considered as highly nutrious diet which contains vitamins, calcium, collagen, and much more beneficial substances. Bone broth benefits are undeniable.

Bone broth has existed since ancient times. Human civilization has made soup from animals long time ago and they also already familiar with its benefits. Broth with soup is closely related and broth also has been used for various purpose in the kitchen. Best bone broth is made from fresh ingredients and seasoning. But is it safe for baby?


Bone Broth Benefits for Babies


It is safe to give your little angel bone broth, but for safety precaution please consult with your doctor first. Bone broth benefits are numerous, for your little angel too. Varoius beneficial substance it carries could benefit your baby. Some of the benefits are:

Good for gut healt

Bone broth is easily digested so it would not cause digestive related issue to your baby. Furthermore, bone broth contains glycine, glutamine, and amino acid that could aid your baby digestive system. Gelatin in bone broth also could control intestinal inflammation. Bone broth also fast to heal leaky gut.

High Bioavailability

Bone broth nutrition is very beneficial for your baby. Since it is easy to digest, your baby could benefits from the vitamins and minerals infested in bone broth.

Good for your baby skin

Collagen is an essential substance in our skin that gives our skin youthful texture and tone. Bone broth contains collagen which will help your baby skin maintain its youthful texture. It is even suggested the ussage of collagen to cure eczema which also sometimes found in baby.


When you can give your baby bone broth?


Commonly, the bare minimum to give your baby bone broth is six months old, but consult your doctor first to get specific insight related to your baby. Sometimes a baby will have a specific condition that differs from one another thus your doctor suggestion on how to feed bone broth to toddler, specificcaly to your babby, is essential.

You might also found a rejction when you first give your baby bone broth. Like any other food at first your baby might find it strange and uncomfortable with it. But, it doesn’t mean that bone broth bad for babies.

Don’t be too eager and feed your baby lots of bone broth at once. At first, give your baby one tablespoon of bone broth and let the adjustment take place. After your baby comfortable with the broth you can add more until three tablespoon. Remember, never force feed your baby take the time to adjust and get the bone broth benefits for your baby.

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