What a blessing to have a baby in your house. Your little angel will light up your days with small chuckles and constant cute little gestures all day long bringing happiness to your family. However, this happiness is coming with serious concerns.

As a parent, your priority is how to keep your baby safe. You need to consider what is good or bad for your baby, and how to avoid that little chuckles shifting into tears and screams. You need to put your baby’s health as a priority making sure that your baby gets the best nutrient possible to stay happy and healthy. This concern leaves you with one of the most important questions to answer: what is the best food that you can give to your little angel?

One of the most popular choices for healthy-baby food is bone broth. This ancient food recipe is a nutrient-rich supplement consisting of various beneficial substances for the body. Considering various factors specific for the baby such as underdeveloped digestive system and nutrition-intake rate, is bone broth good for your baby?


What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a nutrient-rich liquid made from bones and connective tissues of chicken, turkey, fish, or beef. These materials alongside with vegetables and seasoning are boiled for 12 hours or more. Bone broth is a highly nutritious food containing vitamins, calcium, collagen, and other beneficial substances.

Bone broth has existed since ancient times. Human civilization has made soup from animals for a long time and also familiar with its benefits. Bone is also used for various purposes in the kitchen. The best bone broth is made from fresh ingredients and seasoning. But is it safe for baby?


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Bone Broth Benefits for Babies

The is no significant evidence suggesting the harm of bone broth specifically for baby. However, it is best to consult your pediatrician first since they may notice a certain condition about your baby that might suggest otherwise. In general, bone broth benefits are numerous. Various beneficial substances it carries could benefit your baby too. Some of the benefits are:

Good for gut healt

Bone broth is easily digested, so it would not cause digestive related issues to your baby. It also contains glycine, glutamine, and amino acid that could aid your baby digestive system. The gelatin in bone broth could control intestinal inflammation. Another benefit is it is fast to heal leaky gut.

High Bioavailability

Bioavailability represents the degree on how effective and efficient the food can be absorbed by the body. Bone broth is a high-bioavailability food meaning its nutrients can be absorbed quickly. It is very good for babies whose digestive system hasn’t been perfect yet.

Good for your baby skin

Collagen is an essential substance for the skin that gives it youthful texture and tone. Bone broth contains collagen that can help your baby skin to maintain its youthful texture. The usage of collagen is also suggested in curing eczema which is commonly found in the baby.

When you can give your baby bone broth?

Commonly, the minimum age to give your baby bone broth is six months old, but consult your doctor first to get specific insight related to your baby. Sometimes a baby will have a specific condition that differs from one another, thus your doctor suggestion on how to feed bone broth to toddler, specifically to your baby, is essential.

You might also notice a rejection when you first give your baby bone broth. Like any other food, at first, your baby might find it strange and uncomfortable with it, but it doesn’t mean that bone broth bad for your baby.

Don’t be too eager and feed your baby lots of bone broth at once. At first, give your baby one tablespoon of bone broth and let the adjustment take place. After your baby comfortable with the broth, you can add more to three tablespoons. Remember, never force-feed your baby. Take the time to adjust and get the bone broth benefits for your baby.

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