Breast Milk is the best and safest way of this providing ideal food for the wholesome developments of babies.

Knowing well how an object is formed helps you to know well its use. How Breast milk is produced is important to caregivers, women, and husbands.

Breast milk is generated as a consequence of the action of hormones and reflexes.

Hormonal activity in breast milk production:

There are two chief hormones that help to create breast milk. During pregnancy, hormones prepare the gland of the breast to produce milk.
Prolactin allows the breast to make milk and hence is called the adrenal gland. Prolactin also suppresses the actions of the uterus thereby delaying the return of fertility and menstruation. This is the reason why exclusive breastfeeding prevents pregnancy. More breast milk is produced by hormones during the night in the day so you must educate your customer to breastfeed at night to keep up a good supply of milk.

Oxytocin can be referred to as the milk-ejection hormone because it helps the milk to flow. Oxytocin makes the muscle tissues around the milk-making glands of the breast to contract. The contraction increases the pressure of the milk inside the breast tissues. This strain empowers milk to be ejected or stream. The flow of milk is raised since the baby suckles the breast.

Oxytocin also contracts the womb to expel the placenta after delivery and also controls bleeding following placenta have been eliminated. A girl who has just delivered might sense this contraction as severe lower abdominal pain when she breastfeeding her baby immediately after delivery. Reassure this type of girl it is normal and that it is going to last for a brief period of time.

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 Mechanism of reflexes in generating breast milk:

Reflexes will be the involuntary reaction to stimulation. As an example when you step on a thorn or a sharp thing you quickly remove your foot in the thorn or the sharp object before you become aware of everything you have done. In this instance, the thorn or the sharp object becomes a stimulus and the rapid removal of your foot becomes a reflex action. Breast milk production is also a reflex action and since we supply a stimulus, breast milk production can last. There are two main reflexes that help in breast milk production. All these are milk secreting or prolactin reflex and oxytocin or milk ejection reflex.

As mention earlier, prolactin is a hormone made by the anterior pituitary gland which is located in the brain. It causes tissue in the breast to key milk. The breastfeeding has nerve endings so anytime the baby suckles the breastfeeding it stimulates the nerve endings in the nipple. These nerves carry messages into the anterior portion of the pituitary gland, making prolactin. This procedure for stimulation of the breast into the secretion of this milk is known as the milk-secreting reflex or prolactin reflex. This reflex works better when the baby suckles.

The 2nd reflex which assists in the flow of milk from the nipple is known as the oxytocin or the milk ejection reflex. To eject means to throw out’ so milk ejection reflex is an action that permits milk to be released from the breast. Its main job is to enable the muscle cells around the breast to contract. These contractions increase stress on milk production.

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Other factors that help with the production of breast milk is suckling and regular removal of milk. It’s very important that you understand the impact of suckling on milk production.

A mother’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings affect the secretion and discharge of milk from the breast. If she believes lovingly of her baby, or she hears the baby crying her pituitary may produce hormones, she may then feel that the strain within her breast and some milk may flow out. But, certain psychological disturbances can interfere with the mother’s production of milk.

This happens:

  • If she is stressed or afraid for some reason.
  • If she’s in pain-especially when the breastfeeding is debilitating.
  • If she’s embarrassed.

The above it can be realized that when a mom has good feelings and also is confident that she can be breastfeeding, her milk flows well. This suggests that a calm marriage contributes to healthy baby growth as a result of a good breast milk production for the baby’s nutrition. All husbands must know that the more they worry about their wives the less they produce breast milk to feed their infants. Ladies need peaceful homes and households to create breast milk for their infants.

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