Baby Jake is a television series started in 2011 which broadcasted by BBC UK. The series focuses on Baby Jake’s adventure in a cartoonish world encountering different kind of characters and exploring the world. Baby Jake is the youngest child from 10 siblings who live in a windmill with their parents. The family was not given further an spotlight since the center of the story are Baby Jake and his brother.

Baby Jake in 2018 was not a highlighted tv shows in BBC but it has it owns channel in youtube and still consistently uploading videos. The channel has around 320.000 subscribers, a significant number for television shows about babies. The shows uses animated portrait of Baby Jakes that allows it to continuosly airing the show 9 years after it aired in 2011.

How old is baby jake actor now

Baby Jake character is played by Adamo Bertacchi-Morroni which when he was first casted was nine-month old. Considering the time needed for the production process, now (2019) Baby Jake is around 10 years old. A wonderful experience for baby jake actor to be an artist in such a young age.

Baby jake brothers and sisters names are not highlighted in the shows and the characters even not credited in the end of the shows since they role is very minimum. The brothers and sisters function merely to give context to the story of baby jake.

The most important sibling in baby Jake story is his brother Isaac. Isaac is played by Franco Bertacchi-Morroni which is also the real brother of Baby Jake actor. The chemistry between these two actors is very natural in front of the camera. Maddy the producer and creator of Baby Jake was admitting that it was a wonderful luck to have the two came together to the studio to be casted. The two were also behave so beautifully in the set.

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As you may notice that the ten siblings in Baby Jake story were named alphabetically. They names are Ava, Blake, Chloe, Dylan, Edie, Feddie, Ginny, Harry, Issac, and Jake. Could you spot which one is which in the show?

Baby Jake Oldest Sister, Ava

One of the most notable characters among the siblngs is the oldest sister, Ava. The character appears just lest than a minute in the opening of the show yet she was widely search by Baby Jake’s fans. The question rises about this character and how she is doing right now is as big as the one concerning the Baby Jake’s actor. Can you imagine the magnitude of this character? The one who appears just for several second is equally searched as the main character in the show.

One of the popular discussion concerning Ava is clearly stated in a twitter thread. In the thread people are changing information and opinion about who plays this Ava character. The curiousity is based on the fact that the character despite of her young age is possesing beautiful persona. The thread signifies how people are very curious about the character. There was also a person who ended up in the thread because his effort in finding the answer who plays Ava in Baby Jake is fruitless. Eventhough there are lots of people in the thread exchanging information there was no definitive conclussions about who was this Ava girl actually.

There was a theory proposed by one of the persons discussing the issue in the thread that this Ava girl is actually Baby Jake’s real mother. If you watch the opening of the show you might notice the chemistry between Baby Jake and sister Ava is very naturally constructed as the one shows between Baby Jake and Isaac, Baby Jake’s real brother. Do you believe in this theory or unlike us, you already know who plays ava in Baby Jake?

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