Don't believe the 5 Myths of pregnancy to guess the sex of this Baby

Don’t believe the 5 Myths of pregnancy to guess the sex of this Baby

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Don’t believe the 5 Myths of pregnancy to guess the sex of this Baby – One of the things about pregnancy is questionable gender baby that was conceived. No wonder many of the myths of pregnancy that develops in the community for guessing the gender of the fetus.
Even though there is already a technology that can ensure the gender of a baby in the womb, but still many parents who believe in the myth of pregnancy. Starting from the tie position of the stomach, fetal heart rate, preferred foods, to change the face of pregnant women.

Come on, find out what are the myths about gender pregnancy

  • Belly position under marks baby boy
The myth mentions, the belly of pregnant women whose positions tend to appear more down interpreted to contain a baby boy. Meanwhile, the skew of the stomach is above the defined to contain a baby girl. This is nothing more than a myth that is not proven.
In fact, the position of pregnancy depends on the condition of the stomach muscles, body shape, weight gain, as well as the position of a baby in the belly. Likewise from the stomach cannot be used as a guide as to the gender of the baby. General labor, the baby will drop to position the pelvis.
  • Fetal heart rate faster means baby girl
The myth grew, the baby’s heart beat women over 140 per minute and the baby boy under it. In fact, a normal fetal heart rate is in the range of 120-160 times per minute. There is no research that States the heartbeat as a marker of fetal gender. Moreover, the fetal heart rate can vary at each examination, subject to age and fetal activity in the stomach.
  • Pregnant woman faces a round of blushes and cheek means baby girl
Pregnant women who looked round and rosy cheek blushes often believed to be a marker will give birth to a baby girl. This cannot be ascertained because every expectant mothers experiencing different skin changes accompanied by weight gain are not the same.
  • Mother wants a sweet food, the possibility of a baby boy
Expectant mothers often want sweet foods indicates being pregnant baby boy, while if you want food acid is defined to contain a baby girl. Thus the myth circulating in society.
The desire of pregnant women to food with a certain, possibly caused by hormonal changes that make pregnant women more sensitive. As a side note, a study suggests pregnant women to eat chocolate because it can lower the risk of preeclampsia and making babies that are born more cheerful
  • Nausea all day marks the baby girl
The nausea felt pregnant women throughout the day, according to the myth, is a sign to baby girl. This cannot be used as a guide for sure in determining the sex of a baby because it does not mean conceiving baby boy non nausea. However, a study shows that pregnant women who experience excessive nausea and vomiting (hiperemesis gravidarum) or until hospitalized because the condition is far larger, contain baby girl. This is due to the hCG hormone levels of pregnant women higher than girls on pregnant mothers of boys

Is There A Way Then Ensure The Gender Of A Fetus?

There are several ways to determine the sex of a baby in pregnancy. The most popular way is by utilizing ultrasound or ultrasound. Generally at age 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal sex can be determined with the accuracy levels reaching 80-90 percent.
There is also an examination of amniocentesis to determine the gender of a baby with more accuracy. However, this test is generally done if doctors predict the existence of genetic disorders. In addition, the examination of DNA from the blood of the mother can also give information gender of the fetus. It’s just that this method is very rarely done because it can only be done on specific laboratory and costs very expensive.
Hear and discuss the various myths of pregnancy is not prohibited, but it is better to be aware of the myths of pregnancy risk contrary to the advice of doctors. It is advisable to consult the doctor about these myths before practicing

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