Fever While Pregnant And How To Overcome It Naturally

Fever While Pregnant And How To Overcome It Naturally

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Fever While Pregnant And How To Overcome It Naturally – Anyone would worry when experiencing a fever while pregnant, because this condition will affect the health of Your fetus. Initial steps do not need to panic, immediately contact Your obstetrician and ask if you need to take paracetamol to lower fever. In addition to the selection of a medication that can be consumed, you can also relieve a fever while pregnant naturally.

Fever has been increasing the temperature of our body for a while, and this is a sign of the presence of symptoms of illness in your body. A person is said to be experiencing a fever if body temperature over 38 degrees Celsius. If a fever while pregnant first trimester occurs at temperatures above 38.8 degrees Celsius, you have to be careful and immediately consult the doctor. Because of a high fever, on pregnant women can increase risk of birth defects in the fetus that they contain or miscarriage in early pregnancy. The higher the temperature and the duration of the fever lasts longer, the higher the risk.Important steps when you experience a fever while pregnant is searching for the cause. Fever during pregnancy is a sign or symptom of other diseases that may harm Your fetus flower growing.

Causes Of Fever

Fever is often caused by the presence of a urinary tract infection and the virus in respiratory infections, but can also be a dangerous one cause. Common causes of fever during pregnancy among others due to influenza, pneumonia, tonsillitis, dehydration, kidney infections, and hipertiroid. Pregnant women should pay attention to the symptoms that accompany a fever such as shortness of breath, back pain, stomach pain, chills, and a stiff neck. Be sure to inform the doctor about the symptoms that accompany a fever above. Food poisoning can also be the cause of the onset of fever. It is characterized by the presence of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Treatment Of Fever

If you experience fever recover on its own, it is better if you consult a doctor, since a fever while pregnant is not a normal thing. Fever caused by a virus simply by way of recovery. But if the cause is due to bacteria, you need treatment with antibiotics. Pregnant women are not recommended for taking aspirin or ibuprofen. Ask your doctor for proper treatment. In addition to medical treatment by a doctor, consult the following there are some how to defuse a fever while pregnant naturally:

  • Compress the forehead or brow you use cloth or rag wet with a normal temperature.
  • A bath uses warm water, avoid using cold water as it will cause you to shiver.
  • Located in a room that is cool. If you are outside seeking the shade.
  • Turn on the fan with a low setting and don’t navigate directly on your body because it can cause you to be shivering.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and can help cool your body from the inside.
  • Use thin clothes. If you feel chills use quite thin and can be opened when you are feeling the heat

To avoid hay fever while pregnant, frequently washing hands to avoid virus infection causes flu and colds. Try also to not being around people who are sick. Fever while pregnancy is a condition you need to watch this, immediately consult Your physician in order for the condition to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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