Understanding the Food Pyramid for Kids- In 2005, the US Department of Agriculture released the new food pyramid plan. Kids and adults alike no longer need to follow the same horizontally sectioned food pyramid. Adults now have their own pyramid while there is also a new food pyramid for kids. What does this say now about food, nutrition and diet?

The new food pyramid for kids basically implies that kids have different nutritional and diet needs as adults. Kids need to follow the specifications in the new food pyramid for kid so that they can grow up healthy and strong.

The food pyramid for kid is telling kids and parents that kids should eat a variety of food items from all the food groups. A healthy meal according to the food pyramid for kid should therefore contain lean meat, beans, nuts, fish, milk, dairy products, fruits, grains, vegetables and some fats.

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The food pyramid for kid however is not telling kids to eat everything in the same amounts. The same age old advice still holds about eating more grains, fruits and vegetables than other food types. Oils and sugar should be eaten in smaller portions. Parents should also note that some foods in each category should not be eaten in great amounts. Fruit pies and tetra pack juices for example do not necessarily contain the same nutrients as real fruits and should only be taken occasionally.

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Food Guide

The best way to encourage kids to follow the food pyramid for kid requirements is to set a good example. Parents and other family members should vow to eat only healthy food. It would also help to keep the whole house free of junk food and other food items that are less in nutritional value.

The new food pyramid for kid is also trying to tell us that kids should be given a lot of time to exercise. Good physical play for example is advisable for kids to stay healthy. Parents can also encourage kids to follow the physical exercise advice of the new food pyramid for kid by being a good example and engaging in physical activities as well. Parents can keep kids active by participating in family camping activities or family sports games.

USDA Food Pyramid For Kids

You have probably heard of or read in books or magazine about the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. The Food Guide Pyramid has been around for many years. It is a standard for good nutrition. However, you might have heard that with the recent updates the new name of the Food Guide Pyramid has become “MyPyramid”. The new pyramid brings together exercise and nutrition and encourages:

Now, you probably have never noticed but the USDA has also developed a food pyramid for children. The named the pyramid “My Pyramid for kids”.

Kids bodies develop and grow so fast, that the nutritional requirements that children need are so diverse. The need for children development are not so different from older children or adults, but the food pyramid that we are all use to seeing is modified slightly for children, meaning that you don’t have to have such a learning curve to learn the nutritional requirements for youngsters.

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I recommend that you start to build your nutritional knowledge by first looking at the new “My Pyramid for Kids. This will show you the basics where you can have a very good foundation, so you can really define the nutritional needs of your child. It’s the starting point of all daily requirements. I would either make a copy of it or just write down the values on a piece of paper.


The whole business of eating and living healthy may be a difficult concept to teach children. The food pyramid for kid also suggests however, that healthy living and eating should be taught slowly but surely.

What Is the Food Guide Pyramid?
The food pyramid is a visual guide from the U.S. government which shows a person what to eat each day to be healthy. It organizes food into 6 groups. These 6 groups are organized in a pyramid shape based on the number of servings, or a set amount of food, a person should eat each day. The food groups of the pyramid are:

  • Bread, cereal, rice and pasta
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Meat, poultry, fish, beans and nuts
  • Fats and oils
  • The food pyramid guide helps people eat in a healthy way.

Food Guide: The Levels of the Pyramid

Each part of the food pyramid is slightly different in recommended serving sizes. The lower down the pyramid, the higher the amount of suggested servings. The base of the pyramid is the largest part – the grain group. The pyramid suggests that the average person get between 5 and 11 servings of rice, bread or other grains per day. Sitting right above the base are two slightly smaller pieces that make up the second level. These are the fruit group and the vegetable group. The vegetable group has a suggested serving size of 3 to 5 per day. The fruit serving size is 2 to 4 portions per day.

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Fruits and Vegetables

The third level contains the dairy group and the meat, poultry, fish, beans and nuts group. Both of these groups contain protein. They each have a suggested serving amount of 2 to 3 servings per day. The meat group is considered to be the most diverse food group because it contains the meat of all animals that people may eat. However, not all people eat meat, so this category also contains plant sources of protein – beans and nuts.



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