Food is one of the most vital things that babies must have regularly. It will help them grow well and fast. Babies must be fed according to their needs. You can base it to their size and age. Most parents start to give their babies solid foods when they turn 6 months. Some even start at 4 months. For your 9 month old baby, you can give the following foods:


You can give eggs to your babies by this time. Always remember that you must only give the yolk part because egg whites can sometimes cause some irritations. You can mix this with cottage cheese and vegetables to make it taste good and delicious for your baby.


Babies would surely want to eat oatmeal. You just need to choose those with no sugar added to keep it healthy for your baby. You can also add various fruits like apples and banana to add to the nutrient content and to make it look better. Some recommend to mix oatmeal with milk or juice to improve its taste.


Cheese is a healthy food and is very rich in Calcium. You can put bits of cheese in small slices of bread and have it melted in the oven. You may use either mozzarella or cheddar for this. You have to make sure that you only give small slices of bread so that he can eat it with ease. Yogurt is also very popular among babies. This is a very nutritious food that you can give to your baby. You can add slices of fruits to make it more healthy for your baby.

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Sandwiches are very good for your baby. This can provide him with enough carbohydrates and other important nutrients depending on the spread used. You can use cheese, eggs and even fruits as the spread for the sandwich. Soup on the other hand contains a lot of ingredients which are good for your baby. You can add slices of vegetables, meats and cheese to make it better.


Pasta, rice and potato are good sources of carbohydrates which is very important for the proper growth of the baby. You can mash rice with vegetables and give it to your baby. Pasta will be good with mixed vegetables. You can use food processors to do this. Potato on the other hand can be mashed and mixed with butter, cheese and some vegetables.

Food is vital for the growth of your baby. You must remember that you have to gradually introduce food to him when the right time comes. You have to make sure that you do it one at a time to know if there is one food that can cause allergies. You also need to make sure that the food you will give has enough nutrients.

10 Tips to Get a 9 Month Old Baby on a Feeding Schedule

Starting solid food to babies is a big milestone for both parent and a baby. Before introducing solid foods to babies parents should make sure that their baby is ready for solid foods or not. Solid foods can be started between 4 and 6 months of age, depending on pediatricians recommendation some babies are simply not ready for solid foods as early as others.

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Read below some baby care tips for meals to be given to 9 month old baby

1. Oatmeal: Start your baby breakfast with some unsweetened oats. Make it with breast milk, formula, water, or even juice. To make it more delicious mix some banana slices or home-steamed fruit, such as pears or apples.
2. Pancakes /waffles: Try to use a pancakes/ waffles which contain whole-grain mix. Add just a bit of wheat germ for a health boost. You can top with pureed fruit but avoid sugary and syrups.
3. Eggs: Only serve yolks to your baby as whites are an allergen for baby. Add a tablespoon of cottage cheese and scramble. For some good taste turn eggs into a lunch by mixing in mashed tofu or a softened vegetable and serve to your baby
4. Grilled cheese: Use whole-wheat bread, shredded cheese that melts easily, with a little butter. Cut the sandwich into bites before serving to your baby. Try using two cheeses, such as cheddar and mozzarella, or adding a thinly sliced avocado this gives a good taste.
5. Yogurt: Give unsweetened yogurt to babies for flavor; add jarred or home-steamed fresh fruit. For some assortment stirring it in wheat germ and combining several fruits for new tastes.
6. Sandwich: Avoid peanut butter on a sandwich which is an allergen. Use very soft bread and cut off the crusts before making sandwich for your baby. You can try cooked egg yolks, avocado, hummus, and cream cheese as middle ingredients in sandwiches.
7. Soup: Make soup with soft veggies and noodles. For some assortment, add mashed beans, well-shredded meats, or shredded cheese to your baby soup.
8. Macaroni and cheese: Make it from scratch toss the soft, whole-wheat noodles cooked in broth with butter and shredded cheese. For some assortment, stir in pureed green vegetables, such as peas, spinach, or broccoli, or mix with mashed beans or shredded meat and serve to your baby.
9. Baked potato: Remove the potato from its skin and mash in butter, cheese, and soft veggies. You can put it through a mini food processor with veggies, cheese, butter, and broth. For some good taste, try a mix of sweet and white potatoes, or mash in tofu, meats, and beans before serving it to your baby.
10. Pasta/Rice/: Before giving pasta/rice to babies run it through a mini food processor with a sauce. Add cooked veggies, such as zucchini and squash or well-shredded meats for some assortment.

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