Handling of Flathead Baby – Ask The Doctor

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Handling of flathead baby – ask the doctor

From Denise:

Hello doctor I want to ask. I once read an article about a baby which has a flat head at risk of experiencing a delay in the process of the growth of infants, especially in the aspect of motor skills. Is it true that way?? Please complete explanation if it’s true. Especially if the baby’s head is flat handling.
Thank you.


Hi, first of all, I would like to thank you for providing a question at givemebaby.com. I am Dr. Radhianie Djan will try to help answer your questions. You need to know in advance that the head is flat in the medical world known as Plagiocephaly. The baby suffered a sprawl on the head can be caused by the following:

  • A narrow uterus when a baby in the womb ·
  • Twin pregnancy ·
  • Less amniotic fluid ·
  • Defect of birth due to unification of early bone plate head ·
  • Pressure on the head because it lay with the one position continuously
The case of the head of the flat of the baby lightly in General can disappear when the little one 6 months old, that is when the baby starts to crawl and sit down. Handling/head of flat therapy in infants, depending on the age of the baby and the degree of severity. Therapy is the most easy way is to change the baby’s position-change to minimize pressure on a flat section. Discuss this issue with the Pediatrician who took care of your baby so that handling/therapy that corresponds to your baby can be immediately done so that the degree of keparahannya is not on the rise.

All this information can we tell about the Handling of flathead baby, hopefully this information can be helpful to resolve your complaint.

Dr. Radhianie Djan, BMedSc

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