Honey Risks For Pregnant Women

Honey Risks For Pregnant Women

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Honey Risks For Pregnant Women – Honey is generally beneficial to help build up the immune system. But, honey consumption for pregnant women need to be observed in particular in order not to harm.
Honey contains sugar as much as approximately 70 – 80%, liquids, minerals, proteins, acids, and some other content. Although need further research, but this material has been widely used to treat wounds, infections, diabetes, skin disorders, as well as various disorders of the intestine and stomach.
In pregnant women, honey can be blended into a cup of hot tea or drink directly. In addition, instead of taking the drug, a sore throat while pregnant can be assuaged by consuming ginger tea or lemon tea mixed with honey. Insomnia is believed to also be assuaged by consuming a mixture of milk and honey before bed.
Benefits that are not less important, honey is also believed to help strengthen the immune system in the period of pregnancy and prevent coughs and colds.

The negative side of honey for pregnant women

Honey is not recommended for infants under 1 year because it may contain bacteria that can cause botulism in the intestine. This condition can be dangerous due to the immature baby gut to fight bacteria.
However, pregnant women who consume honey will not result in the fetus in the womb, because botulism spores are experiencing will not enter a blood vessel. Botulism toxins also predicted will not enter the placenta via passive diffusion. Despite that, honey is safe for pregnant women given during honey have been used for pasteurization.
Generally, honey is sold in the market is pasteurization, i.e. Honey is heated first to about 70 degrees Celsius for half a minute, then cooled. A process called pasteurization is more or less similar to the pasteurization of milk. This warming acts to prevent fermentation by killing the fungal cells, as well as making liquid honey can be more fluid with the slow process of crystallization. Here are a few other things to look out for when consuming honey for pregnant women:
  • Sometimes you can find honey raw, unpasteurized milk. This honey is usually found in traditional markets or bee farm. However, unlike milk, meat or cheese, raw, unpasteurized honey will not bring the risk of listeriosis. Listeriosis is poisoning due to consuming food contaminated the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. This toxicity can be dangerous for pregnant women as it causes premature birth, infections in the newborn, babies died in the womb, to the miscarriage. However, if in doubt, it is recommended not to consume raw honey to avoid unwanted risks, because there has been no research on the safety of raw honey for pregnant women. In addition, some types of honey from Rhododendron type plants have also been reported to be toxic. Also, be aware of the label to know if honey has been pasteurized and got the certification.
  • Although pregnant women who have diabetes gestational can still consume honey, but things to look out for is the honey with the fructose content can increase blood sugar levels. This needs to be on the look out for pregnant women who consume drugs and certain supplements that affect blood sugar levels.
  • Some people may also experience an allergic reaction after consuming honey, with a variety of symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, coughing, asthma, hives, shortness of breath, pneumonia, voice changes, swelling of the skin, sneezing, until conditions are life threatening.
  • In pregnant women who experience bleeding disorder, honey can increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Beware the consumption of honey on pregnant women who are experiencing abdominal pain, nervous system disorders, as well as heart disease
If you still hesitate to eat honey for pregnant women, it is worth consultation to the doctor, especially if you like to consume the drug in conjunction with honey

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