How Long Do You Bleed After Having A Baby?

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How Long Do You Bleed After Having A Baby??

Good afternoon, Doctor
Hello doc, I inquire about the time of parturition. On October 4, 2015, I gave birth to their first child. Approximately 1 week more, I bleed a brownish colored a bit after that and now somewhat yellow. But on November 20, why not yet clean Yes, doc? Even tomorrow morning is still out a little bit colored red. Danger or not, doc? What should I do? Thank you.


Hello Rini, normally, since the first day gave birth naturally to a 40 day, mothers will experience a period of parturition period (bleeding remnants of labor). Parturition period in the first week, the blood that comes out is red fresh (lochia rubra). After that for two weeks, the color of the blood that came out changed to brownish and yellowish (lochia sanguinolenta). Next, start out slime-slime clear white or somewhat yellow (lochia Alba).
When you’ve been through 40 days of blood came out again there is a chance it’s not liquid parturition, but menstrual blood. The hallmark of the menstrual blood is not able to freeze. When for 40 days still stays out of blood, the other possibility is as follows:
1. The remainder of the pregnancy tissue.
The remainder of the pregnancy tissue, such as Ari-are so that the womb cannot be perfect contractions.
2. Infection. Infection usually accompanied by vaginal discharge and pain.
3. Impaired blood clotting, rips open the way born and others.
If more than 40 days You still experiencing this, it’s good checked myself in the obstetrician who deal with You, as well as control the condition of postpartum reproductive organs.

That’s the answer to the question of How Long Do You Bleed After Having A Baby?

Thank you, hope it helps.
Answered by Dr. Deffy Leksani Anggar Sari

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