With a newborn, comes a great deal amount of cost. Either it is for clothes, food, or accessories. And one that cannot be avoided is one: diapers.

Diapers are used to contain the urine or stools that your baby produces. She uses diapers because, of course, she cannot yet use the toilet. Because of its function to substitute the role of a toilet, a diaper will get dirty. That’s why diapers should be changed often so that your baby is always clean and healthy.

When to change diapers?

A newborn can poop 4-12 times a day if you feed her with breast milk. It is normal for your baby to do that. If you give your baby formula, she will be pooping less frequently. Also, as your baby grows older, she will not poop that much anymore.

However, sometimes it is overwhelming looking at the number of diapers that you can spend. In this case, imagine how many diapers you can spend in a year. If one diaper can be used twice, it means that you will need six of it in a day considering the most frequent pooping. Multiply it with a year, you will spend at least 2,160 newborn diapers.

Of course, this is not the exact number. How frequent your baby poop or pee depends on her condition and what she consumes. Also, there is no strict guideline how often you should change diapers for your baby.

Nevertheless, you can use your own intuition. If you see that her diaper is already dirty and smells unpleasant, it is time to change it. Even if you use a diaper with perfect absorption, there is no harm in changing the diaper after 2 or 3 poops.

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Ideally, it is better to clean your baby genital and change the diaper every time she poops or pees. It is because the wet diaper can make her uncomfortable or even crying.

Disposable versus cloth diapers

Besides disposable diapers, there are also cloth diapers. Basically, cloth diapers are not one-time-use diapers. They can be cleaned after being used and then you can reuse it. However, there are no clear advantages to using cloth diapers.

If we’re talking about environmentally friendly products, both disposable and cloth diapers have their own shortage.

Disposable diapers use more materials to manufacture, which cause more waste to be generated. On the other hand, even though cloth diapers don’t generate that much landfill solid waste, they use so much electricity and water for washing. Not to mention that the waste from detergent is also dangerous.

As for cost, it is true that cloth diapers can be more affordable than disposable diapers. However, it is up to you what type of diapers you want to use. The most important thing is to keep your baby healthy.

What happens when you don’t change your baby’s diaper?

Some parents complain that they change their baby’s diapers too often. Some others even forget to change the diaper. The solution that they assume is to wait for the diaper to leak. After that, they change the diaper immediately.

However, this is not a good solution. Letting your baby uses the same wet diaper for too long can cause diaper rash around her bottom area. If you keep doing this, again and again, her skin can be irritated and itchy.

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Moreover, if your baby skin is so sensitive, the rash can be much worse. It can cause pain to your baby skin and even sore because of the friction between her skin and the diaper.

In addition, the wet sensation in her diaper because of poops that are piling up exposes her to a risk of other diseases such as infection.

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