When you touch your baby’s skin, it must feel soft and tender. It makes you want to play with it and touch it every time. But you have to be aware of her skin health as well, and the easiest way is to bathe her with good care. The question is how many times should you bathe your baby?

How frequent?

Some said that a baby doesn’t need a frequent bath. Is it true?

Parents sometimes get too nervous of their babies hygiene but actually, newborns aren’t that dirty.

A newborn is not exposed to so much dirt until she can crawl and walk. That’s why you don’t need to bathe her every day.

Three times a week is enough for your baby in her first year. Bathing her too often will only cause her skin to dry quickly, thus causing irritation. Her delicate skin causes her so easily exposed to skin problems if you are not careful.

A baby’s skin is thin and fragile compared to adults’. Therefore, she needs more careful treatment as her skin can absorb and release moisture more quickly.

However, even though three times a week is enough, you still have to wash her face, neck, arms, genital, and bottom. This is to prevent her to suffer from heat rash.

Why your baby’s skin is so sensitive?

When your baby is still in the womb, during the last trimester to be precise, her skin is protected by vernix. It is a white, and sometimes yellowish, thick layer that protects your baby’s skin from the amniotic fluid. This substance keeps your baby’s skin from any conditions until she’s born. When your baby is delivered, this vernix will gradually disappear.

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Therefore, your baby needs to adapt to this condition where her protector is no longer there. As a result, she will hydrate her skin slowly, the pH in her skin will decrease, and her skin membrane will dry fast.

Bathing your baby

So, how to bathe a baby so that her skin isn’t drying quickly? The steps below can give you some hints on how to do it.

  • Bathe your baby no longer than 10 minutes. Besides she will catch a cold, there will be wrinkles on her skin.
  • Don’t put your baby in soapy water for long.
  • After you bathe her, you can give her moisturizer right after you dry her with a towel. You don’t need to rub it. Just pat her skin where you want to apply the lotion. If her skin is still dry, apply the lotion 2-4 times a day.
  • Water-based or paraffin cream is advised to increase moist.
  • Use skin products that do not contain a large amount of soap.
  • Avoid foam bath because this can get rid of the natural oil that your baby produces.
  • Avoid also antibacterial soap that contains perfume because it can irritate her skin.
  • Use only soaps that have a neutral pH.
  • Use baby oil after you dry your baby with a towel. Choose a light baby oil that can be absorbed easily by your loved one. If the oil is not easily absorbed, your baby’s skin will have too much oil that will cause irritation, especially if you leave in a hot environment that can cause her to sweat easily.

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