Oh, my goodness, when is this recession going to end? I know, I know, it feels as if it is never going to end. Well, meantime you have to host that Baby Shower and you have to get ideas for the favors. So now you are wondering how to make inexpensive shower favors. They have to be inexpensive, yet still special. Not always that easy. Well, you will be surprised at how easy and cheap it actually can be.

Of course, one of the factors that will influence your choice is the time you have available to prepare them. If you have enough time, you can craft little individual chocolates for each guest. It is very easy actually, you simply get some chocolate molds, some cooking chocolate and that’s it. You simply melt the chocolate, pour them in the molds, allow them to set and you’re done. They come out of the molds with a light tap, so be careful not to break them!

When making chocolate, it is important to use cooking chocolate and not couverture as those have to be tempered to have a good shine. They taste the best, but for baby shower favors it is simply too much work.

All you now have to do is pack them in some way. Once again you want to go fast and easy here, yet it must still be cheap. Well, buying expensive bags to put them in will look very pretty, but a simple plastic bag with a pretty tag and bow will look just as pretty on the table.

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Now if you are a little more courageous, you can make handmade truffles to use as inexpensive favors. You will be surprised at how easy it is and if you use white chocolate for the fillings of your truffles you can easily let the flavor and color fall in with the color of your theme. Take any recipe, substitute white chocolate, and a different flavoring and you are ready to go. You may have to adjust the liquid to get the right consistency. If you are scared to use the recipe as it is and let your tag and bow tie it to your baby shower theme.

Handmade chocolate always looks very luxurious, are actually cheap to make and are therefore an an ideal choice if you are wondering about how to make inexpensive baby shower favors. You will be able to get very good truffle ideas on any cooking site. Go for one that is easy and fast, they all taste very good so you do not have to worry about the taste.


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