Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Three Month Old Baby

It is difficult for a newborn to adapt to its new environment. After all, the baby was naked and worried about nothing while in the womb for nine months. Then suddenly he will came out into this cold and bright place trying to adapt and breath alone. Your baby is more attuned to the outside world and more sensitive to changes in his environment. The newborn can feel sensations of pain, pleasure, heat and cold throughout his entire body.

During his first two weeks of life, a baby usually lacks the energy to do more than sleep and eat. When the baby is two weeks old, he begins to lie awake for longer period of time eager for something to play with. A baby usually plays by sucking something.

Why baby is crying

Crying is the most important way a newborn has to communicate it wants. Crying may indicate that the newborn is hungry, feels pain or is cold. Crying also may indicate he fear or his dislike of something. However, crying is also an exercise for the newborn. Two hours a day is the average amount of time a newborn cries during the first month. When a baby cries, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is hungry so should not always answer a baby’s cries with a bottle of milk.


Never leave the baby alone while he is bathing. Most babies drown because their parents leave them alone. Babies and infants love to be bathed because they want the relaxing and soothing sensations of water. Warm water is used in bathing the baby. The baby’s head must be supported with the hands or an arm. Use mild soaps and thoroughly rinse before drying. Oil and lotion are used if the baby’s skin is dry skin.

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Diapers should be change regularly to avoid the possibility of diaper rash. The baby’s skin is tender and sensitive and can be easily injured. Mothers and caretakers should clean the baby’s skin to avoid irritation.

Feeding the newborn

A baby knows how much he wants and when he wants it. When the bay cries for food, he is hungry; but when he stops eating, that mean he is satisfied.


The amount of sleep a newborn requires also varies a great deal. The baby who has inconvenient waking periods at night can usually be encouraged to go back to sleep by changing his position or giving him something to cling to. Leaving him to cry his head off will not improve his sleeping pattern. It is not necessary to keep quite once the baby is asleep because he is not disturbed by noise as much as sudden changes in the level of noise.

A newborn baby will adapt to the sleep-wake cycle that parents favor. Therefore, experts suggest you should start letting your baby fuss for a few minutes when he or she wakes up during the night.

Thus, a three month old baby may quiet down and love to see your face. He feels excited or smiles at you when he sees you. When the baby hears your voice he will find you and look directly at you and start gurgling or trying to talk back. The part of the brain that governs hand-eye coordination and allows a baby to recognize objects is developing rapidly now. His hearing, language, and smell have also become more receptive and active.

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