Iron has vital functions for the body. It transports oxygen throughout the blood and delivers it to the part that needs it. Iron is also responsible for producing energy and antioxidant. In the short term, you need iron to make your body functions properly.

Iron is also an essential substance for a baby. Iron is not only important to support baby’s metabolism, but it is also vital for the growth and development of your baby. A baby requires a certain amount of iron to grow properly and keep being healthy. An adult could get a healthy amount of iron through foods and supplements, but how does a baby get a sufficient iron to support the body?Iron Rich Foods For Babies


How Much Iron in Breastmilk? Is It Enough?

When a baby was born, he/she had a sufficient amount of iron required by the body for six months. This period could be different from one baby to another, considering the mother’s condition when she gave birth. When the mother has diabetes or anemia, the baby might suffer from iron deficiency, and the amount of iron he/she has within the body might last shorter than six months.

In the period of breastmilk, the amount of iron contains in the milk is not quite much, but it doesn’t mean that your baby will suffer iron deficiency syndrome. It is not necessary to give your baby extra iron supplements during the breastmilk period. Be aware that too much iron could also lead to an unhealthy condition.

As a parent, you just need to be aware of iron deficiency symptoms such as very pale skin, cold hands or feet, a painful or smooth tongue, very low energy levels, or a rapid heartbeat. If you notice such conditions, consult your pediatrician for necessary treatment and iron supplement.

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Iron rich foods for baby led weaning

When a baby in the weaning period, it is very important to make sure that he/she gets the right amount of nutrition, especially iron, from the food. The food in the weaning period is essential for the baby since breastmilk is no longer provide a sufficient amount of nutrition required by the body. Iron deficiency in the period of weaning can be harmful to the baby’s growth and development.

There are two types of iron-rich food; heme and non-heme. Animal-based food contains heme-iron, and plant-based food contains non-heme iron. Heme-iron is easier to absorb than non-heme. If the baby is consuming plant-based food exclusively, more food is needed because the iron is harder to absorb.because the iron is harder to absorb.


How Much Iron Does a Baby Need?

According to an article in, a baby needs a different amount of iron, based on the ages. For a baby from seven to twelve months old he/she needs 11 mg of iron in daily basis, 7 mg for the baby in the age of one until three years old, and 10 mg for children in the age of four to eight years old. These numbers are for a baby without a specific medical condition. Baby with a certain medical condition will require a different amount of iron.


Iron Rich Food List for Your Baby

Various kinds of iron-rich food could be safely consumed by a baby. You could give the baby animal-based food, such as meat and poultry, oily fish, or eggs. The animal-based food contains heme-iron, which is easier to be absorbed by the baby compare to the non-heme iron. If the baby has allergies or other conditions which restricts the consumption of animal protein, you can seek for alternatives on dark green leafy vegetables, pulses, oatmeal, or dried fruits.

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Iron Rich Foods for Baby Recipes

When you make food for your little one, the most important thing that you should be aware of is make sure that it is easily swallowed and digested. Make sure to mince or shred the food before you give it to your baby. Some of the iron-rich foods are dry, so add some water to make it moist. Soft and moist food is much easier to be dealt with for your baby. Whn you cook meat and poultry try to remove the fatty parts and to cook it well before you give it to your baby.

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