Is It Safe To Drive A Car Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Drive A Car Pregnant?

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Is It Safe To Drive A Car Pregnant? – Independence a woman today has allowed her to travel alone with driving a car. It’s just driving habits while pregnant, thus reaping the many questions regarding the security of the event.

This concerns the more focused on the phenomenon of expectant mothers who are still driving the car when his stomach is already engaged.

The condition of pregnant women is allowed to drive the actual car driving.

While pregnant is considered safe for pregnant women in good health and have no risk of complications. To note is the position of pregnant women while driving, i.e. Avoid body position that is too advanced. Backing a bit position seat to pregnant women feel comfortable. The distance between the steering wheel of the car with the body of pregnant women a minimum of about 25 cm. Adjust the steering wheel so that the car is also parallel to the sternum and does not lead to the stomach.

However, when the pregnancy is already entering a final trimester and stomach the more grown up, you should avoid driving your car. This condition can be felt while the condition of the stomach was too close to the steering wheel of the car. In this condition, it is feared the stomach can be depressed if the crunch. Another marker for pregnant women to stop driving a car is when pregnant women start to feel difficulties to get in and out of the car.

Don’t forget to continue to use the seat belt. Position the seat belt the top fitting on the collarbone, i.e. Between the neck and upper arms. About seat belt the bottom, place it under the belly or thigh at the top. Avoid places it directly on the abdomen.

However, long distance traveling while pregnant should still be accompanied by processions, either by car or other means of transportation. One of the risks pregnant women when travelling long distances is the clotting of blood. Pregnant women who experience symptoms of blood clotting can use special stockings to improve circulation and reduce the risk of blood clotting.

Tips for driving your car with ease.

It is important to note the convenience of pregnant women while driving a car with doing some tips here.

  • To lower the risk of health problems in pregnant women, should avoid sitting too long in the vehicle. It is recommended to stop each drive every 1-1.5 hours for pregnant women can walk for at least a minute, especially when pregnancy third trimester and have entered the time of travel.
  • Do short warming up to maintain a smooth blood circulation so that pregnant women avoid swollen feet and cramps or heartburn. Here’s how with a little lift and rotate the legs for a few minutes.
  • When sitting in the car seat back pain triggers, then put a pillow or other stand can make sitting position feels.
  • Always provide healthy snacks that are good for digestion, as well as drinking water to prevent dehydration.
  • Avoid wearing shoes and clothes that are too tight.
  • Expectant mothers who travel long distances, you should bring a note containing information about pregnancy gestational age, approximate time of birth, and so on.
In the event of a car accident on pregnant women, preferably immediately checked myself to the doctor. It is important to check the condition of the pregnant mother and fetus as a whole to ensure no injury or risk of complications, such as premature birth.
Pregnant women drive cars rated safe to do as long as there is no health risk. However, we recommend that you note the resilience of the body prior to travel. Also beware if pregnant women like to drive a motorcycle or if pregnant women intending to travel within much because many of the security rules that need to be taken care of. If necessary, consult a doctor to make sure it is


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