My story is a private one that started back in August of 2005. I had only given birth to my child in the previous seven decades. Needless to say, my entire body was in bad need of a rest. My husband and I had tried other types of birth control, to no avail. Because of my extreme fertility, we confronted a choice of having a permanent procedure done, which we were not really ready for, or utilizing an Intra-Uterine Device, so as to prevent another immediate pregnancy. My doctor highly suggested placing in an IUD, because it had been highly effective (99.9% success rate), and wasn’t permanent. We decided to have the IUD inserted into my uterus. I had severe pain and bleeding, but the doctor said it was normal, and to call back, just if it continued past two days. It subsided after a day so that I forgot about it.

I ended up getting pregnant with my child, completely unaware of this IUD which was inside my body. The physician assumed it had dropped out, following an ultrasound came back together with inconclusive results (meaning they weren’t able to see the IUD within my abdomen or reproductive areas.) I knew that many pregnancies occurring as a result of perforation were ultimately spontaneously aborted, but I’d no idea that the IUD was somewhere in my body. I used to not worry about dropping the baby because I had been forced to think that the IUD was in a sewer somewhere. I immediately called the doctor, because I had no background of breastfeeding complications.

He told me that it was normal, not to be alarmed and to call him back when it did not subside within the next day or so. It did, in fact, quit on Christmas Eve day, so that I didn’t have to call him back. I was undergoing severe aching in my spine and rectal region. I could not sit or stand for long. I had never felt anything like it in all my years of previous pregnancies. My husband out of town and my daughter, mercifully a responsible woman, helped to take care of the five different kids while I lay on the sofa, in agony. I finally called the doctor to complain about it.

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He made me feel very foolish for phoning, claiming that it was normal for women who’d had so many pregnancies to have some distress. I had been taught to take a laxative to help me alleviate my severe constipation and a few excess Strength Tylenol. The laxative didn’t work, and ultimately, I managed to sit and have a bowel movement after a week or so. The distress in my back end and legs got worse as the pregnancy progressed, but the doctor always had the exact same answer. . .my numerous pregnancies were the cause. So I eventually stopped complaining because I felt foolish.

On the very early morning of July 7th, 2006, my water broke two weeks early. I wasn’t having any contractions, but we went into the hospital anyway. Even in the clinic, my labor would not advance as it generally did. Walking only stopped the contractions. The Pitocin they administered wasn’t doing much to dilate me or bring on routine contractions. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that things weren’t going well. Afterward, I felt a huge soda in my uterus, and blood flows out like a fountain. They attempted to help my labor along quicker, however, the blood flow was causing too much of a risk for the baby and that I. We were rushed in to have an emergency C-section.

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The delivering physician was also the seventh of seven children. It’s quite evident that God had His hand in the whole thing, despite my anguish. I was permitted to deliver a living child and survive an extremely tough pregnancy. My healing was a long and demanding one due to the massive quantity of blood loss during labor and delivery. However, I finally felt good again. Months later, in January of 2007, I started to get very ill. I couldn’t hold down any food. I had been losing a great deal of weight and looking pale. I was always dizzy and almost not able to be a mother to my children. The primary care doctor told me it was a virus and it would go away. I’d only have to expect that it would go away by itself. A month later, I had been worse. I had taken several pregnancy tests, also could not figure out exactly what was going on with me personally. Life had become a nightmare plagued with continuous nausea and dizziness.

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One morning, as I was showering, I felt something very odd. Two plastic strings were poking out of my rectum. I knew instantly what it was, having noticed the IUD in the OB’s office. I completely freaked out. I went immediately to my OB’s office to reveal them. They were clearly nervous about the entire ordeal, but assured me that it was ordinary for this kind of thing to take place. Ironically that is the exact opposite of what they had told me prior to the insertion. I was told that it was quite rare for any problems to happen, even with breastfeeding. Even the manufacturer’s fit didn’t say anything about an increase of problems due to lactation or nursing, not until they caught wind of my story. The nurse needed to remove the IUD directly there, but I had been afraid of it being connected to something in my body, being that it was within my rectal cavity for well over a year.

My newly found knowledge that the IUD had been inside my body as August of 2005, helped explain a lot of things that had taken place during the previous 18 months. But the physicians wouldn’t admit that it was the cause of any of my suffering or labor/ delivery complications. I know that they knew they had screwed up. They were bending over backward to appease me in any manner they could. I’m not a person who believes in getting wealthy from lawsuits and destroying people’s professions, so that wasn’t my goal anyway. However, I felt like they had downplayed my concerns while pregnant, and we’re trying to avoid being in trouble.

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It was successfully removed without any complications. The entire thing was as fast as that. But the panic that my horrible experience could easily happen to other women, has haunted me ever since. I wanted the entire world to understand it IUD’s are a lot more harmful than they direct us to believe. I needed the doctor to acknowledge he neglected to do a better job of trying to find the IUD, and carrying my complaints seriously. I had been just another uterus to these, despite being a loyal patient of eight decades. I felt like they had betrayed me, once they got scared of being sued. They didn’t represent my best attention, as their patient, violating their Hippocratic Oath. They did exactly what served them best, in order to keep from looking bad. I loved the doctors and nurse in my OB/GYN office. However, my past two years as their patient proved to me that I’m no longer than a tiny fraction of the paycheck.

I’m additionally convinced that the manufacturers of the Paragard IUD did not properly notify me of the larger risk of IUD use, whilst nursing. They only added the advice on additional risks while nursing, after my episode has been reported by my doctor. Additionally, it failed to state that the IUD could perforate another place apart from the uterus and abdomen, causing side effects like disease, and also the need for surgical removal. Should you read the package insert now, you’ll discover that they have created some alterations as of the year, to the warning section. However, it was too late for me. However, it isn’t too late to notify others. Thank God my baby survived and is now a beautiful one-year-old, and that I’m well again.

So that’s the whole dangerous fact. I will leave the decision drawing to you. Is the IUD really worth the possible side effects and risks?

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