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Let’s Prevent And Ease Constipation In Pregnant Women

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Let’s Prevent And Ease Constipation In Pregnant Women – Constipation in pregnant women is the thing that often happens. As many as 50 percent of all pregnant women undergo regular constipation. An increase in the hormone progesterone that occurs in pregnant women can be the cause.

The hormone progesterone relaxes the muscles in charge of smooth muscle throughout the body, so also in this part of the digestive tract. Thus, the colon will move more slowly so that the body can extract more nutrition for you and your baby. The automated digestion process becomes slower. This causes constipation.

Prevent Constipation in pregnant women

Constipation can be prevented by means of regulating his diet and lifestyle, such as the following.

Consumption of foods high in fiber.

The fibers are considered powerful in preventing or alleviating constipation because it has two benefits. The first is to speed up the digestive system and the second is to make the stool becomes more tender. Fiber sources can be obtained from vegetables, legumes, fruits, and seeds. Make sure you are consuming 25 grams of fiber per day because this is the right measure for females.

It is recommended to start slowly increasing the amount of fiber each day. It is feared, if consuming foods rich in fiber are all of a sudden, there is a possibility of causing digestive problems, one of them is a stomach ache

Drinking enough water.

When the body is less fluid, the body will take the liquid from the colon. As a result, the stool becomes harder. Thus, the need for sufficient amounts of body fluids is important to prevent constipation, including constipation in pregnant women. Recommended for those of you who are pregnant to drink 12-13 glasses of water per day. In addition to white water, you can also choose low fat milk or tea and Decaf as additional intake of fluids.


In addition to the consumption of fiber and meets the needs of body fluids, doing regular physical activity can also help prevent constipation in pregnant women. Sport-exercise, such as walking or swimming for 20-30 minutes each day as many as three times a week it’s been considered enough for pregnant women. Most importantly, do activities that are comfortable and avoid heavy exercise that have a risk of harm to the fetus. Pregnant women are also advised to consult with your doctor about a safe physical activity done during pregnancy.

Subtract iron.

Other causes of constipation in pregnant women are too much iron. Iron is normally obtained by you from pregnancy vitamins and supplements. The nature of the iron is making the stool becomes harder. Therefore, limit iron consumption. However, it is recommended to first consult with the doctor to get advice for the sake of preventing suffered iron deficiency.

If Many Constipation Occurs

If you are many experiencing constipation, there are several ways that can be done to relieve, namely:

Consuming probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that the body found in the food. In fact, some of the research still has not resulted in consistent results when it proves scientifically that probiotics can prevent or relieve constipation. However, probiotics are considered safe to take during pregnancy. Therefore, it becomes an alternative option to help relieve constipation and diarrhea in pregnant women. Probiotics can be obtained in pharmacies or by consuming foods that contain probiotics, such as yogurt.

Plum juice, warm drink

Plum juice contains sorbitol high making it resemble a natural laxative. Plum juice that’s been warmed can help cure constipation. The recommended measure is 100 ml plum juice each day. If you are having trouble finding plum juice, try to replace it with a consuming some dried plums.

Constipation in pregnant women did make you uncomfortable because you have trouble making bowel movements regularly. But at least now you have already gotten information to prevent and relieve constipation in pregnant women at the top. You can try it in order for the period of pregnancy the more smoothly and free from constipation. In the above ways can not work optimally, it is recommended you saw a doctor.

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