It’s a Problem that May Render many mums-to-be and mums at a Problem, but ask yourself these questions when deciding when to go back to work and you will soon Have the Ability to Generate a decision.


You have just about got the hang of the mum item, you are enjoying excursions to coffee shops or sing and sign with your baby and do not bat an eyelid about dodgy nappies or even carrot-stained clothing, however the time has come to begin considering if you would like to finish your pregnancy leave and go back to work.

1. How much maternity leave would you get?

Statutory maternity leave is 52 months — annually — away from the work. This quantity of leave will incorporate any weeks that you take off until you get your baby, and also the oldest leave could be taken will be 11 weeks before your expected .

Throughout OML, you will still receive all the very same rights under your contract of employment as though you were still on the job. The sole exception is you won’t receive your typical cover unless your contract permits for it.

You also need to take at least 2 weeks following your arrival (or four months in case you are a factory worker).

Many companies make it possible for workers to bring all their yearly leave on into the start or end of their pregnancy interval, which means it is possible to start your maternity leave early or stretch it until you go back in the event that you want.

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Recall, however much time you decide to take, you want to devote eight months notice should you would like to return sooner than your previously agreed date of return.

2. How much maternity cover does your company provide?

Your earnings through pregnancy leave are frequently the very first thing you consider when determining how long to take off.

For the rest 33 weeks, you’re going to be paid 138.18 or 90 percent of your AWE (whichever is lower).

Many businesses offer more pregnancy cover, by way of instance, six months leave at full pay, which clearly will make life much easier, so it is well worth looking into exactly what your office offers.

3. What do your own personal finances seem like?

If you are only eligible for SMP, but have managed to build up a sizable nest egg, then it might mean that you can take the maximum quantity and cope financially.

Do not take advantage of economies in different areas of your daily life as you’re on maternity leave, such as free prescriptions and dental hygiene.

If you are struggling with mortgage payments, then speak with your mortgage provider since they might have the ability to supply you with a six-month mortgage vacation. That can be when they suspend or reduce mortgage payments so that you may have a breather if you are financing have dropped abruptly.

4. What are your emotional needs?

It is quite simple to leave the office on your very last day prior to pregnancy leave cheerily promising to realize your work colleagues in six months, just to find that leaving your baby is going to be more difficult than you ever thought.

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It is well worth talking to your spouse about how you are coping emotionally in the possibility of earning your child to come back to work and how this will influence your return .

And of course that works both ways. You will scaling the walls in the reduction of discussions which don’t involve poo color or puree mixes, and also a return to work is what is required to restore sanity. In cases like this, you might choose to return sooner than intended, so it is well worth preparing to be slightly flexible.

5. How do you see your career developing?

Many mums fret about being outside of the work area for a protracted time because they feel out of the loop and also feel worried about the impact this could have on their livelihood.

These are times when you’re able to go back in the office (and get paid) to find any new advancements, work on projects and execute training. You are permitted 10 in total.

6. What childcare have you got?

Whether it is toddlers, childminder or grandparents, then sorting out your kid is going to have a bearing when you finish your pregnancy leave and go back to work.

It might be the case you’ll need to perform a mish-mash of childcare to pay for the times that you work, so don’t be scared to call friends and family if your budget implies you can not pay for fulltime care.

And in case you need to come back to work for example if you are the primary breadwinner — but you are not prepared for the baby to be taken care of by somebody outside the household, start looking into additional paternity leave or common parental leave (in case your baby is expected following 5 April 2015).

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Your spouse can take between 2 and 26 months from your 52-week allowance for extra paternity leave and get paternity pay.

For common paternity leave, you are able to split up your paternity leave into equivalent blocks rather than carrying it all in 1 go, which means you and your spouse could take it in turns to be away with your baby up to a year.

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