The European Union is debating the passage of a bill that will create uniform paid maternity leave benefits across all states in the union. The bill provides for twenty weeks of maternity leave at full pay, and two weeks of full pay for dads. Contrast this initiative together with how the U.S. manages paid maternity leave benefits: that the problem is left up to each state. And just five states have chosen to place a program set up, and it is done as an afterthought.

Paid maternity leave in several European countries is put up as a specific policy: the applications directly address maternity issues concerning pay replacement, length of paid leave, and even throws in paid parental leave as well. In the U.S. five states have faked short term handicap which just so happens to cover normal pregnancy as well as covering accidents and illnesses. And each state has varying principles for how the applications replace income, and for how long. Of course, there are no mandates in forty-five additional states. Women must plan ahead and buy a private policy, if provided by her employer.

The five states with inadvertently paid maternity leave are California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. Each of those states has compulsory short term disability for people that are employed in the nation for private employers. The programs are supposed to help workers who become disabled temporarily as a result of an accident or illness. Normal labor and delivery is considered a covered illness and generates maternity pay for women giving birth. Additionally, any time missed due to complications may also be covered.

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But even in such conditions, the policy is lacking. Some countries limit the income substitute for 55%, while some other cap gains at $170 per week. That is 17% income replacement for a woman earning $52,000 annually – not an equal salary.

Every Working Woman Should Have the Option

Virtually every U.S. household might have a paid maternity leave or a greater degree of income replacement during maternity leave and no laws need to be passed. Employers with three or more benefit-eligible employees can earn a voluntary short-term disability alternative readily available to workers. Women could pay the premiums and appreciate maternity leave pay, and security in case of complications.

However, most companies don’t make this choice available. And there is not any explanation. There’s not any direct cost to the employers as the employees pay the premiums. The only requirement is for employers to make employees aware of the choices, offer education about the value – supplied at no charge from the insurance carrier – and forward deducted premiums after a month on the insurance company.

It sounds pretty hard to believe to me personally. There needs to be greater consciousness. Awareness of the necessity to start coverage prior to becoming pregnant, and comprehension of how readily employers can create maternity leave pay available. Article by article, the blog post by blog article there is one voice hoping to help our families and companies in precisely the exact same time.

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