Premature Babies Born In The Age of The Content of Less Than 28 Weeks -

Premature Babies Born In The Age of The Content of Less Than 28 Weeks

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There are only less than 1 percent of babies born in the age of the content of less than 28 weeks. The Group of infants usually has the most complications. Most of these babies born with a weight that is really low (less than 2 pounds, 3 ounces). Almost all of them require treatment with oxygen, surfactants, and mechanical assistance for easy breathing.


Baby category is very immature to be able to suck, swallow, and breathe at the same time, so it must be fed through a drip until they can develop this ability. They often can’t cry or You can’t hear their cries due to pipe in their throats, and they usually spend time with sleeping all day. These tiny babies have small muscles, and moving very little.


They look very different from a baby who’s been old enough. Their skin is wrinkled and purple redness as well as very thin until you could see the blood vessels under their skin. Face and body still covered by a fine hair called lanugo. Because these babies do not have enough time to receive fat, they look very thin. Often their eyes closed and do not have eyelashes.


These babies also have a high risk of experiencing medical complications. Most babies born after about 26 weeks gestation can survive for 1 year (around 80 percent born in week 26 and about 90 per cent were born in the age of the content of 27 weeks), although they need to stay longer in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Unfortunately, about 25 percent of babies very prematurely has incapacity lasting serious, and up to half of the amount has a lighter issue such as learning and behavioral disorders.


Mother, when facing babies born prematurely, one of the important roles of the parent is to become the best encouragement for the little one. Because your baby can’t talk and make your own decisions, you must be a representative from his voice. A good cooperation with the doctor who taking care of your baby is very necessary.

When your baby has special needs, your role is becoming increasingly important. Make sure your baby gets the appropriate medical care. When the little one suffered a specific disability, you need to learn the condition from a variety of sources as possible.

Select and cooperate with the doctor that helps your child. It may take time, patience, and, moreover, an emotional commitment. The mother may need to learn new skills for this role. You need to do:

  1. Communicate with your child’s doctor. Do well, but firmly. As best I can ask them to use the medical term of familiarity when describing the condition of your child’s doctor as well as Persuade.
  2. Health workers to provide services at your baby to the maximum.
  3. Find out about treatment options as well as services that can be given to your child.
  4. Ask for help if you need it.

Sometimes one of the actions to be encouraged for Your premature baby is taking the decision to replace the doctor in doctor who now does not seem too concerned about the condition of your baby, or he treats You isn’t the way It deserves. Look for a doctor who pays attention to the ability of your child carefully and are ready to play an active role in helping to achieve the milestone of the fruit of your heart.

It is very important you know to find a doctor who can make you comfortable and trust him. Originally, a sense of caring and empathetic look less important than professional ability. But doctors are sincere and care about your health and the child would usually pay more attention to health symptoms that may arise and continue to find out if a particular treatment was not successfully applied to your child.

Most parents will definitely gain strength and ability to deal with this condition. The mother will surely be happy moment can always know the progress and development of your baby from time to time. The mother will also be made quietly by the various information you find out for the sake of the progress of the development of the little one.


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