Are you pregnant and not looking forward to morning sickness? Do you want to avoid it altogether and make sure that you don’t ever have to wonder when it will begin? There is no real good way to answer the question, when does morning sickness start, because it is different for all women, but you can just be pregnant without it. That is the easiest way to go. Here is how you can never have to ask, when does morning sickness start?

First, you should know that the women in the eastern world do not experience morning sickness. It is very rare and this is because they have known for centuries how to avoid and prevent morning sickness. The women in the western world accept it as part of pregnancy and do nothing to try to be pregnant without it. Be different and go without the morning sickness so that you can have a wonderful pregnancy.

Second, to eliminate morning sickness you have to understand what causes women to ask the question, when does morning sickness start? This is caused by knowing they are going to vomit at some point during pregnancy. Vomiting is the body’s way of getting the bad out and because of all the new hormones you are producing during pregnancy the body thinks it is bad and will force you to vomit. However, if you take your prenatal vitamins about 2 hours before the morning sickness usually comes you can trick your body into not vomiting because it does not want to rid you of your vitamins.

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Last, you can also sleep with your legs elevated. This is very good for the stomach and will help to keep it settled. However, this can be very difficult. These are just a couple of ways to help cure or prevent morning sickness.

When Does Morning Sickness Start? When Does it End!

When does morning sickness start? When does morning sickness end?

Often, when a woman is trying to become pregnant or has found out that she is pregnant, those two questions are at the top of the list to get answers to! Morning sickness seems to take over the lives of so many pregnant women, it really is a very real concern for those who are ready to take the plunge into mommy-hood.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a very good answer to either of those questions. Your body is so unique to you that there is almost no telling when, or if, morning sickness will make its entrance into your life. There is just no telling how early can morning sickness starts when you are pregnant.

In general, women will start to feel expected nausea around 6 to 7 weeks along in their pregnancy. This will finally begin to lift around week 12 or 13. But, we’ve all heard stories about those poor sweet ladies that have to endure the constant sick feeling from as early as 1 or 2 weeks along all the way until they deliver!

While you may not get a direct answer as to when morning sickness starts for you, getting the facts about the cause of it all will certainly put you in a better position to get back to feeling better quickly.

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Once you start digging into the “why’s” of pregnancy nausea, you’ll soon discover that no one agrees about the causes either. One expert says that Explanation A is the reason for morning sickness. One doctor says that it’s really Explanation B. Your dear old grandma says it most certainly is Explanation C. If you talk to enough people, you may even run out of letters in the alphabet to term your explanations!

One thing is sure – women want a fix for this issue. You want to feel better. You want to enjoy your pregnancy. You want your life back.

In order for those things to happen, you need to have real cures presented in real-time. Having experienced seven pregnancies myself – five beautiful children and two miscarriages – I understand that need. I have worked hard to dig up as much information as possible about possible causes and cures for morning sickness. Here is just a small sampling of what I have learned:

· Pregnancy Hormones – so many symptoms of morning sickness come from this one seemingly little cause. From mood swings to stomach acid buildup, the relay center that tells your body how to handle pregnancy causes much upheaval in a woman’s body.

· Enhanced Sense of Smell – elevated levels of estrogen in your body leads to an extremely heightened olfactory sense. Because your nose is working overtime, you could experience nausea at the first sniff of any kind of odor.

· Slow Emptying Stomach – the extra progesterone (yep, another hormone-related cause!) in your body will cause your muscles to relax in order to prevent early labor. Your digestive muscles are also being relaxed which means your stomach will empty its contents more slowly. This will lead to more acid buildup and cause an upset stomach and usually vomiting.

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· Depressed Immune System – it is believed that when a woman becomes pregnant, her immune system will be suppressed for a while to lessen the chance that her body will reject the creation of this new little being inside her.

· Protection – your body may simply be trying to protect your baby from anything that would harm it, especially in those earliest moments of development that are so very critical to the life of this child. In fact, Motherisk News reported that morning sickness may actually enhance a child’s long-term neurodevelopment.

So, when does morning sickness start when you are pregnant? It all depends on you, your hormones and a host of other causes!

But, you don’t have to live in misery. You can fight back if you know the right things to do. I’ve put together all the things I have learned through my own pregnancy experiences and by researching other ideas that are out there. You can benefit from all that hard work on my website! I hope to see you there soon!


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