Stages Of Development Of Baby's Vision According To Age

Stages Of Development Of Baby’s Vision According To Age

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Stages Of Development Of Baby’s Vision According To Age – Although the baby’s eyesight is not yet perfect, but its development is very very fast. Find out the stages of development of baby’s vision here.

Newborns don’t have the capability of seeing like adults. As well as speaking and learn, a baby’s vision also takes practice constantly so perfect. Although the baby’s eyesight is not yet perfect, but its development is very very fast. Here are the stages of development of baby’s eyes, according to age:

Age 1 month

  • A baby can only see with a distance of about 20-30 cm from her face. The face is the most preferred baby visual stimulation. After 2 weeks of age, babies have started to recognize the face of his mother.
  • The newborn does not have the capability of focusing the eyes and only have peripheral vision (ability to see side). So, don’t worry if the baby is not the focus of the view object or your face.
  • The newborn is only able to see black, white, and gray. After 1 week, the baby was able to see the color, but can’t distinguish colors that are similar.
  • The baby has not been sensitive to light. So no need to worry about to light a lamp while he slept.

Age 2-3 months

  • At this age, infants begin to be able to follow moving objects they see. The baby also started learning seen from one object to other objects without having to move the head.
  • Babies can already recognize the color red, yellow, green, and orange. But it took longer to see the color of blue and purple. This is because the Blue has a shorter wavelength and the retina have fewer color receptors for the color blue. To┬ástimulate, give it a bright color decoration or toy hangers give different colors on top of baby cribs.

Age 4-6 months

  • At the age of 4 months, babies can already distinguish the color of various types and responding perfectly.
  • Eye-hand coordination begins to develop. Babies can start reaching for and grasping objects they see.
  • Babies can already see people or objects around the room.
  • Age 5 months starting can imitate facial adult facial.
  • After 6 months, sharp vision baby achieve 20/20. It means sharp eyesight have reached normal as adults

Age 7-12 months

  • Got interested in the picture.
  • It can recognize faces of people well.
  • The connection between the eyes, body movement, memory and more powerful. Babies can already predict an accurate distance to reaching or throwing objects.


There are many ways that you can do to stimulate the development of the eye of the fruit of the heart. To ensure the health and development of the baby’s eyes, visit the eye doctor. When discovered the discrepancy can be immediately acted upon.

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