It’s just natural for parents to bond with their child even if she’s still in the womb. If you’re a mother, you may have done this by talking to your belly while caressing it. If you’re a father, you can be a little bit clingier to your wife’s stomach. On the other side, you may wonder whether your child is listening to you or not. Don’t worry, what you do is not for nothing. The baby can hear your voice as well.

Babies can hear in the womb

The frequently asked question is “when can babies hear in the womb?” It may happen early in the early stage of pregnancy and continues to develop as your belly is getting bigger. You may check on the timeline below to see when you should optimize your interaction.

8 weeks of pregnancy

During the first four weeks of pregnancy, your baby is still an embryo. It is the size of seed with a diameter of 2 millimeters. Entering the next four weeks, your body starts to change because it’s the time when the baby’s organ such as brain, heart, and bones start to develop. It is also the time when your baby’s ears start to take shape. Be ready, you may want to start communicating with her now.

16 weeks of pregnancy

This time, the ears are starting to develop even more. The structure of the ears in 16 weeks pregnancy is already well-established so that she can hear some noises and it is likely that she can hear your voices.

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24 weeks of pregnancy

In this stage, your baby’s ears are developing rapidly. If previously your baby has just started to develop her ability to hear, now she has the ability to respond to your voice. Usually, she turns her head in response to your voice. That’s why sometimes you feel that something is moving inside your belly.


Bonding is one of the most important things that you can do during your pregnancy. By having a one-sided conversation with your baby, you build a strong connection with her and as a result, it helps you to deal with the baby when she comes to the world. The bond can make you care and love your child even more.

Studies show that even though babies are receptive to different noises, they are more responsive to the voice of their mother. Recognizing the voice of her mother before she’s born acts as a foundation for the development of your baby social and emotional condition.

Besides that, a mother’s voice helps to calm a baby inside the womb. Your voice slows her movements and decreases her heart rate as a sign of relaxation.

And if you’re a father, don’t be jealous. Studies suggest that a baby is more perceivable to lower frequency than higher frequency sounds. Usually, men have a tendency to produce heavier sound than women and it makes you as a father have one advantage over your wife. But still, you have to make more effort because you can never replace the role of a mother.

Playing classical music

There’s a rumor that playing classical music to your baby prenatally can make them smarter. Well, there’s no solid fact yet to prove it. There’s a likelihood that playing classical music will make your newborn have a preference to it. However, studies have proven that the reception towards any kinds of arts or literature is best when the baby is born. Anyway, do what’s best for your baby and supply them anything that benefits her. But remember not to overdo it.

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Hearing loss

Even though the chance is small but there’s a 0.003% chance that your baby will experience a hearing loss. It can be because of premature delivery, family history, exposure to very loud sounds, and any other medical conditions. This condition, however, should be diagnosed through a screening test. There’s also a chance that your baby can develop this condition later in childhood.


All in all, answering the question when can babies hear in the womb, you can start communicating with your baby during the first eight weeks of pregnancy. Maintain a good relationship with your loved one by telling her stories and how much you love her.

This way, you can bond more with your baby when she’s still in the womb. Moreover, pay attention to your and your baby’s health to prevent any condition that may affect your baby later on. So, start talking. She’s waiting to hear your voice.

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