Taut While Pregnant? What Is The Reason?

Taut While Pregnant? What Is The Reason?

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Taut While Pregnant? What Is The Reason? – Taut while pregnant is a common complaint that fell pregnant. It is not seldom raises a concern, especially for those who are pregnant for the first time.
Knowing the cause of taut while pregnant needs to be done so that pregnant women can handle it properly. Generally, the women who recently experienced a first pregnancy still confused differentiate causes of taut in pregnancy, whether because of cramping or contractions.

Calculate The Time Pregnancy

One important note is when would feel the taut while pregnant. Taut young belongs to normal in pregnancy because of the growth of the uterus pushes the stomach muscles so it feels firm. One sign is the pain under my belly button got to fold the thigh (round ligament pain).
At the age of the older pregnancies, taut can also be caused by the movement of the baby in the stomach. In addition, the presence of an excess of gas in the stomach or flatulence can also be the cause of taut.
Among the causes of the above, the contraction is the most common cause of the case and to look out for because of contraction should occur when will bear. Then, what if the contraction occurred prior to entering the time of childbirth?
Recognize The Types Of Contractions
Generally, pregnant women feel the contractions in the middle part of the abdomen down. Contraction itself is divided into two kinds, namely false labor contractions and childbirth contractions actually.
  • False contractions
The medical world has named false contractions as Braxton Hicks contractions. This contraction has occurred sporadically since the gestational age 6 weeks.
As you get this kind of pregnancy, contractions will likely often experienced. However, the occurrence of false contractions is difficult to predict because the irregularity is the hallmark of the Braxton Hicks contraction.
Although this essentially false contractions don’t make sick, pregnant women should still be wary. In some cases, this type of contract is very difficult to distinguish with signs of premature birth.
Other characteristics of false contractions are not worsened when contractions are not running, were brought progressively strengthened, and occurs in the not for long. This case is considered normal occur in pregnant women and no need to worry excessively.
If this false contractions make uncomfortable pregnant women, there are some simple things you can do to take some. Sleep or rest with changing positions is one of the effective ways to relieve pregnant women from false contractions. Relax with a warm bath or listening to music are also able to relieve this disorder. Move more slowly, and Your stomach while standing-also it is recommended that pregnant women free from false contractions.
  • Labor contractions
This type of contraction is signs of impending labor. General characteristics the contractions are usually felt by the pregnant mother is labor pains in the back and lower abdomen accompanied by pressure on the pelvis. Most of the expectant mothers describe contractions like menstrual cramps, but more powerful.
In contrast to false labor contraction, the contraction would still exist even though pregnant women change positions, break, or relax. Labor contractions will come with a regular pause and lasts between half to one minute. The pause time will be increasingly shortened labor. Labor contraction strength the longer it will get stronger.
Despite this contraction goes on until labor arrives, there are several ways that can be performed by pregnant women to reduce the pain caused. Shift the focus of the mind by watching TV can be done in order to be more relaxed.
Soak in warm water with the express permission of doctors could also be used as a way to cool down when the contraction. Save any effort to streamline labor with sleep for a moment. If contraction occurs in the afternoon, sleep can be done to prepare for power delivery at night.

Hopefully by knowing things taut while pregnant linked above can help pregnant women undergo more relaxed in her pregnancy. Never disregard the advice of obstetrician for the sake of the health of mother and baby.

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