Pregnancy is a joyful experience for the majority of women, because you tummy grows larger and your unborn baby gets more active. There are changes with your own body and changes to the development of your baby. At 20 months of your pregnancy you’re at the halfway point and there are a number of great things you may expect at this pivoting instant.

Your baby at this time should weigh anywhere between 9 -10 ounces. The period of your kid will probably be 10 inches head to toe. And now that your baby has been growing rapidly, for the first time measurements will be taken dependent on head-to-heel, versus crown-to-rump. You most likely have noticed increased moves in your stomach and these increases as your child gets larger and becomes more active. In 20 weeks, your baby is now breathing and swallowing, and their skin is developing by increasing four layers. And the great news is, usually at 20 months that your doctor will order an ultrasound and you will eventually figure out the sex of your baby since reproductive parts have now formed.

There are also major changes for you at 20 weeks of your pregnancy. For one, your waist has vanished. Your balance may start to feel a little off. In case you have been trying to keep your pregnancy a joyous key, the roundness of your stomach is most likely notification on itself by now. Additionally, in the event that you have maintained a healthy pregnancy you should have gain 10 lbs up to this point and keep gaining 1 lb each week. At this point, the uterus has levelled up itself to a navel. As you gut is now starting to grow at a rapid speed, expect some itching due to your skin stretching.

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Another distress is you might find yourself needing to make frequent trips to the loo!
From that stage on, the doctor will pay close attention to a weight to ensure a wholesome development for your baby. Of course you should eat healthy, but feel no remorse when you are feeling the need to splurge on food. The health care provider will also be seeing your iron levels. If you aren’t getting enough iron, then your physician will recommend increasing your diet with red meat or may urge to you iron pills.
Being 20 weeks pregnant is a fun and exciting landmark on your pregnancy. This is actually the part to where you should hopefully be over the morning sickness and start feeling the joys of pregnancy.

In 20 weeks pregnant you are able to study your gut and actually see that, yes – there is a baby in there. Some parents decide to wait until their baby is born to discover the gender, but for others, they simply cannot wait. From this point on you can start picking out the name to the little boy or girl, and start designing the ideal nursery for the arrival of your baby.

You’ve got a heavyweight in your belly at 20 weeks pregnant (well, in baby terms, anyway). Your little champ weighs about 10 ounces and has a height, crown to rump, of about six-and-a-half inches. While your baby is definitely getting bigger, there’s still plenty of growing room in there, which allows him to twist and turn (and allows you to feel his acrobatics!).

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20 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

If you’re 20 weeks pregnant, you’re in month 5 of your pregnancy.  Only 4 months left to go!  Still have questions?  Here’s some more information on how weeks, months and trimesters are broken down in pregnancy.

Boy or Girl?

Curious about whether that melon-sized belly has a boy or a girl inside? Now’s your chance to take a peek! Though the external genitals in both male and female fetuses still have a way to grow, you’ll be able to find out your baby’s gender via the second trimester ultrasound, usually scheduled for anytime between 18 and 20 weeks. This routine exam gives your practitioner a chance to see how things are going in there (and wow, are they going!). If you’re carrying a girl,  your baby’s uterus is fully formed this week and the vaginal canal is starting its development (which means that in a few decades, you might be a grandma!). Your little girl also has primitive eggs in tiny ovaries now, seven million of them. By birth, that number will be down to two million. If your fetus is a boy, the testicles have begun their descent this week, though they’re still in the abdomen waiting for the scrotum to finish growing so they’ll have a place to go in a few weeks.

Your Body at Week 20

baby size at 20 weeks pregnant

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