This Dosage Antibiotic Drugs For Pregnant Women

This Dosage Antibiotic Drugs For Pregnant Women

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This Dosage Antibiotic Drugs For Pregnant Women – The antibiotics seemed to be kind of scary for the drugs you are pregnant. Whereas various changes are natural while being pregnant makes the body more susceptible to bacterial infections. To fight a bacterial infection, you will need antibiotics.

Actually, not all kinds of antibiotics are dangerous for pregnant women. Doctors can choose the types of antibiotics that are considered safe for mothers and babies.

Conditions that require Antibiotics

Consideration of doctors to give antibiotics in pregnant women is when there are no other treatment options. In addition, the risk impact of antibiotics to the fetus will be estimated by doctors as if the fetus is affected more at risk of disease, as compared to the treatment itself, then the doctor will choose to give antibiotics.

The most common bacterial infection experienced by pregnant women is urinary tract infections and infections of streptococcus Group b. Both of these conditions are in dire need of antibiotics for treatment. Even if the antibiotics are not given, it can be more harmful to the fetus.

In addition, antibiotics are also commonly used to treat pregnant women who are exposed to diseases of the kidney (pyelonephritis), appendicitis, an inflammation of the gallbladder, korioamnionitis or infection on korion and amnion.

Antibiotics should not be used arbitrarily. Antibiotics cannot be used to overcome colds and flu because antibiotics are not used to tackle diseases caused by viral infection. Diarrhea, pneumonia, and meningitis can be caused by viruses or bacteria. To determine the cause, your doctor may perform the examination at the same time ask for a blood test or a urine test

Safe antibiotics Consumed During Pregnancy

The use of antibiotics while pregnant does not need to be afraid of origin following the recipe and accompanied the recommendation of a doctor. Some types of antibiotics that are classified as safe for pregnant women is amoxicillin, ampicillin, penicillin, clindamycin, erythromycin, and nitrofurantoin. In addition to considering the kind of antibiotics in pregnant women also consider the dose and length of time the consumption of drugs, as well as see the gestational age.

The types of antibiotics that are risky for pregnant women should be avoided, e.g. Antibiotics tetracycline group. This kind of risky drugs interferes with the liver organ conditions of pregnant women and affect the color of the teeth on the fetus

In addition, you can also look at the categories of drugs that allowed while pregnant. In General, a drug classified in categories A, B, C, D, and X. Category A Medication is considered the safest, while drugs that include the category X rated proved to be dangerous against the fetus and the pregnant woman must not be consumed. Ask the doctor about the category of drugs that are safe or are at risk for pregnancy.

How to use rules that are important to note

The rules of use of the drug are one of the most important factors for everyone, especially if talking about antibiotic consumption by pregnant women. Anything noteworthy?

  • Wherever possible, avoid administering antibiotics in the first trimester of pregnancy, i.e. Periods of fetal organ formation.
  • Use of antibiotics already have a history of safe use of the effects of the Drug Consumption with the lowest effective dose.
  • Do not consume antibiotics along with free drug or any other kind of doctor’s recommendations because without risk of reducing the effectiveness or even enhance the drug effects


Now you need not fear excessive antibiotic consumption again during pregnancy. However, the use of antibiotics and other types of drugs should only be done through consultation with a physician.

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