This is the 8 symptoms of pregnancy that Can Surprise you

This is the 8 symptoms of pregnancy that Can Surprise you

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This is the 8 symptoms of pregnancy that Can Surprise you – Nausea, vomiting, backache, or Achy body is part of the pregnancy symptoms that might have been okay you hear. However, hormonal changes while pregnant can cause certain other symptoms and possibly for some pregnant moms it will feel strange.

Although these symptoms sound strange, but it turns out the usual toward you while being pregnant.
The following 8 symptoms, weird while pregnant that you might never imagine before.

Excessive salivation. Pregnancy can make the production of saliva into a lot more than usual. Within a day, most pregnant women can even produce 3-4 liters of saliva more than usual. The actual experts haven’t been able to ascertain the cause of the expectant mothers experience things of this sort, but hormonal changes are often thought to be the cause.
Even so, nausea while pregnant is also thought to be the cause of another. When nausea, some expectant mothers there who choose not to swallow too often. These conditions can make the saliva pooled in the mouth.

Nosebleeds. Out of blood from nose when pregnant? There is no need to panic because this condition is common, really. Causes of nosebleeds when pregnant is the blood vessels in the nose suffered widening and increasing blood supply while pregnant cause the blood vessels of the nose are prone to burst. Even though it looks horrible, is not essentially dangerous nosebleeds.

Runny nose and congestion. The condition is similar to colds is indeed common in pregnancy as well. Even so, the fact you’re not sick or infected with a virus. An increase in the hormone while pregnant could make a section in the nose swells accompanied mucus thickens. If this state of affairs lasted more than six weeks and without any other symptoms, such as sore throat, cough or sneeze, then there is a possibility that you are suffering from rhinitis of pregnancy.

To lessen the discomfort, you can multiply your intake of fluids and sleeping with head slightly elevated position. This condition will usually disappear a few weeks post birth

Something strange cravings. While pregnant, you don’t only have to consume food or called with cravings. There are a few pregnant woman’s cravings that turns out something that is not worth to be consumed, such as lime, coffee husks, or even land. Cravings like this is called pica. Actually, no one knows for sure about the reasons, pregnant women experiencing pica, but a mix of psychology, cultural factors and biochemistry may be the cause. This condition is also often associated with the condition is iron deficiency. If you are experiencing these things, immediately consult a physician because of iron deficiency can inhibit the body’s ability in absorbing nutrients.

Can’t hold urine. Some kind of hormone that appears while pregnant will tend to relax the muscles of the pelvic muscles. It makes you a little hard to hold pee. An example is when you are laughing or sneezing suddenly, water can drip without urine should be preceded by a process of straining. To reduce water leakage of urine, you are advised to return the toilet more often. Use the pads so that water droplets of urine are not wetting pants you anymore. In addition, you can do Kegel exercises to help tighten the muscles of the pelvis.

Brush your teeth, bloody. Don’t be surprised when I saw there was blood in the gigimu brush because it could be one of the side effects of pregnancy that you are living. The blood comes from the gums that is experiencing inflammation and swelling due to hormonal changes that occur while pregnant. At this time you are advised to keep rubbing the gigimu twice a day, but slow down when rubbed. OIA, replace gigimu with a toothbrush to brush the downy, well. It is recommended also to visit dentists because the teeth of pregnant women susceptible to buildup of plaque.

The voice of change. The vocal cords of pregnant women can swell due to the hormonal changes of estrogen and progesterone. It could make your voice become hoarse and some more octave lower.

Strange dreams. Feelings of anxiety such as fear of becoming a parent face of Labor often haunt expectant mothers who later. This bitterness if coupled with a sense of tiredness, then it could trigger a strange dream while sleeping.

Experience any of the above conditions is assessed is normal, but if the condition which you feel has been very disruptive, immediately consult a physician.

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