This Is The Reason Pregnant Women Are Diligent Exercise Of Smart Babies

This Is The Reason Pregnant Women Are Diligent Exercise Of Smart Babies

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This Is The Reason Pregnant Women Are Diligent Exercise Of Smart Babies – The hereditary advice says pregnant women should be many moves, turns out to have a point. Expectant mothers who are active, including a light work out on a regular basis, will get a lot of benefits. The benefits are amazing, that potentially have a smart baby.

Reasons that affect cortisol hormone that is secreted when the body of pregnant women who exercise. The hormone cortisol supports the formation and development of the fetal brain.

A fact that is supported by a wide range of Research
This has been proven through a medical research. The researchers compared the brains of test results and language proficiency in children aged five years. Proven, children of mothers who diligently exercising lightly over the periods of pregnancy, have a value higher than mothers who did not exercise.

Experts in the study recommend pregnant women exercise at least 30 minutes each day. This recommendation is almost similar to other research mentions that the sport at least 20 minutes three times per week, potentially making the babies become more clever.

The study involved 60 pregnant women who were divided into two groups. The first group, was asked to work out on a regular basis with the measuring instrument. In contrast, pregnant women in the second group not exercising at all. After each baby was born, the researchers recorded their brain activity when he was 8-12 days. The results showed babies of mothers who regularly exercise since getting pregnant has a growing brain better.

Exercising also supports pregnant women did not experience the addition of excess body weight. As it’s known, excessive body weight increases the risk of premature labor. Very premature babies are at risk of experiencing mental disorders related to the value of IQ and achievement in school. It caused premature babies will stop early gets nutrients from the placenta, exposed to stimuli that are usually protected by the uterus, not to mention being more prone to bouts of infection.

For pregnant women with normal weight, we suggest that weight gain is not to exceed 15 kg. In the meantime, pregnant women who have already experienced the overweight are strongly encouraged to not experience increased weight exceed 11 kg. On the other hand, pregnant women who have a below normal body weight recommended to add weigh up to a range of 13-18 kg.

What are the recommended Sports? 

In addition to supporting the development of the brain of the fetus, pregnant mother fruitful exercise improves mood, sleep quality, as well as reduce the pain due to pregnancy. The research also showed a decreased risk of diabetes and preeclampsia. The sport of pregnant women can also strengthen muscles and prepare for labor. During the keep is done carefully and not excessively, almost all forms of exercise for pregnant women is judged useful. However, here are a few types of sports that are considered safer for pregnant women.

  • Walk. This activity is a good cardio exercise with a lower leg injury risk. The walk is also easy to do anywhere and can be made to labor.
  • The experts declare swimming as a sport is most safe and effective for pregnant women. When swimming, almost all the large muscles of the body will be moved so that it can improve cardiovascular health and reduce pain. Water sports are very appropriate for pregnant women who experience back pain.
  • Low impact aerobics. Not only is the heart, the muscles of the body will also benefit from aerobic exercise. Not to mention the aerobics class together with the other expectant mothers will add to the pleasure of practicing together.
  • Dancing. The activities of the dance can train the heart of pregnant women. Dancing can be done in special classes or as simple as dancing in the living room at home. Just avoid jumping or spinning movement of the overload

Badminton or racquet sports to another should be done with caution as generally balance pregnant women are not optimal. Pregnant women who are regular exercise, jogging in the morning could be the right activity, as long as it is not excessive. So diverse are the benefits of exercise for pregnant women that you miss, so don’t be lazy moving again, Yes!


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