Taking your baby to a salon to get her first haircut maybe exciting for you. But not for her. Looking at sharp scissors, a strange person, and herself in the mirror is a new experience for her. Also, it may scare her.

When is the best time?

Your baby’s hair follicle has been established since she was eight weeks inside the womb. And it keeps on developing until she is born. The first hair that your baby has is called vellus. This hair is so thin and each strand is softer than adults’. From week one to twelve after she was born, this soft hair will fall out on its own. So there’s no need to get her a haircut immediately.

However, forty days old is considered to be a good time because your baby has developed a good physical condition.

It also depends on the growth of her hair. Some babies may take a long time for their hair to grow. In this case, you can wait until the hair seems to bother your little one. But if your baby’s hair grows really fast, you can do it during the first year.

You may also want to consider your baby’s look. If you want to keep her original hair until she’s old enough to notice her own look, it is fine. But if you want to get rid of it immediately, it is also not a problem.

In the end, you decide whether you want to get your baby a haircut or no.

The benefit of getting your baby a haircut

Although there is no benefit from the medical point of view, getting your baby a haircut early does provide some benefits.

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A clean and healthy head

When your baby is born, there are so much fat and dirt sticking to her body, including her head. If you decide to have her hair cut, you can eliminate that dirt.

Spotting irritation

If you shave your baby head clean, it will be easy for you to spot irritation or wound in her head. Most importantly, if your baby has boils on her head, it is necessary to shave her head to help the boils treatment easier.

Giving her head a room to breathe

Hot temperature can cause your little one sweat so much and if you let it happen, there will be heat rash on her head. By having her hair cut, she will feel cooler and more comfortable because the air that touches her head can reduce the heat on her body.

Tips for your baby first haircut

If a salon is not your option, of course, you can grab your scissors and do it yourself. Some parents are afraid because they think that their baby’s head skin is still too tender and can get injured easily. Below are some tips that you can use when cutting your baby’s hair on your own.

  • Keep calm and be confident. Before you cut your baby’s hair, it is better if you know what you are doing. Decide first what look that you choose for your baby, whether it’s only trim or an all-out bald head.
  • Put your baby in your lap. With one hand, raise the hair above and with the other hand, cut her hair accordingly. If you are scared, ask someone to position your baby so that you can focus on cutting her hair.
  • Use a scissor that has a blunt tip in order to ensure its safety.
  • Make sure that her hair is wet before you cut it. Do it with warm water but don’t wet it too much.
  • If you want to shave her head, use a brand new baby shaver. Do it carefully and gently.

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