Top 100 Baby Girl Names For New and Creative Naming Ideas

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Looking at a list of the top 100 baby girl names might be a good way to come up with some inspiration and ideas for helping you to find the perfect name for your baby. Parents-to-be are extremely careful to check at many different names before choosing one for their very own little princess. Top 100 lists really are an enjoyable way to check out which titles are hot, and you could always look to find out if your name is contained, and how hot it can be. Some titles which you’d think are rather common may not make the record at all, and old favorites may offer a small surprise when you see just how large on the top 100 list they really look.

Today, several of the top baby girls’ names include Olivia, Emily, Isabella, Abigail, and Sophia. These names have been favorites over many decades, and have risen and fallen in use and popularity, but haven’t been removed from the list of top 100 baby girl names. It is not uncommon to find several women with these names in the same class in most schools today.
One of those titles that seem to be on a steep decline is that the title Rebecca that’s a standard and much-loved title, but isn’t used by many of the parents. Trends can be said in favorite titles, but often there is no real reason for a number of names to be selected while similar ones are lost. Many people have a tendency to choose names based on what others are choosing, so this tendency to adhere to the pack might be the root cause.

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A lot of the most recent names to come into lists annually have been driven by Hollywood stars and television. Folks have a great urge to name their babies after their icons, which has resulted in names like Jessica, Ashley, and Morgan producing recent splashes on the listing. Addison is just another girl’s name which may use its top 100 records to Hollywood. After Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn were leading stars, there were thousands of infants given those titles in their honor.
A number of the other names that have made it into the year’s top 100 list for women include Katherine, Alexa, Gabrielle, and Riley. It may be several years to determine which of the novices have staying power, and which ones can decline radically and quickly be removed. 1 example of a title that hurtled into the top after which lost ground from the’70’s and ’80s, was Farrah. This is a name that was once in the top five names in the nation but is now unable to crack the bottom five.

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Finally, here’s the whole list of top 100 baby girl names from 2007. Let it help you in your hunt to find the perfect name for the new baby girl:

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