It’s a lot more important to name a girl right than to name a boy right, in the eyes of many statisticians and child development specialists. A girl is a lot more sensitive than a boy and having the wrong name would affect her much more than it would affect a boy, hence the above-mentioned theory. Another factor would be her future relationship with men. Whereas a girl won’t really care if she’s dating or marrying a “Dave” or an awkwardly named boy, men are admittedly more shallow from this point of view, as they tend to give the name of their girlfriend or spouse more importance than they should. For men, these external and seemingly superficial details are important, whereas girls tend to look into much more important and deeper factors and traits of their boyfriend or future husband.

This said, there are a couple of ways you could get inspiration to name your daughter. You could try naming her after someone in the family, the girl’s grandparents or great grandparents being a popular choice. You could also name her after a historical figure or a popular star of our days: Joan or Jeanne (after Joan/Jeanne D’Arc, heroine of the Hundred Years War), Elizabeth (after Queen Elizabeth), Abigail (after Abigail Smith Adams, the wife of the 2nd President of the United States), Josephine (after Josephine Baker, civil rights activist and World War 2 heroine) to name just a few historic figures. Names that would point to popular figures and entertainment stars include Marilyn (Marilyn Monroe), Barbara (Barbara Streisand), Tina (Tina Turner), Shania (Shania Twain) and so forth.

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But if you’re still unsure of what name to give to your daughter, or if you don’t want her name to point out at any particular figure in history or entertainment, we prepped up a list of today’s most popular 20 baby girl names. Although you might not want to choose a popular name per say, this list might help you as a starting point, so here’s the top 20 baby girl names we have for you:

1. Emily

2. Mary

3. Grace

4. Sarah

5. Olivia

6. Samantha

7. Anna

8. Julia

9. Claire

10. Katie

11. Rebecca

12. Alexandra

13. Jessica

14. Pam

15. Nicole

16. Janet

17. Angie

18. Jennifer

19. Britney

20. Martha

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Naming your daughter with any of the above names from our top 20 baby girl names list should be considered a “safe bet” if you’re thinking about how your daughter’s name will affect her future development. These names are neither unique (or even too uncommon) nor common to the point they could stamp you, as her parent as uninspired. You might not even find something you like in the top 20 baby girl names list above, but it could prove to be a good way to start off your search. Just pick out the few names that you like from the list then go hunting for others. If you don’t find anything you like, you can come back to our suggestions and pick one from here.

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