Seeing your baby plays actively is such a joy. From a tiny human that can only lie down in bed, she now can move her hands and legs. What a feeling. When you see her becomes this active, it’s your responsibility to facilitate her with everything she needs: from attention, time, to perhaps, toys.

Why toys?

It is normal to think that your baby needs toys. They’re what you think when you think about children. But do babies really need toys?

If what you mean by toys is stuff that you purchase on the store then you’re completely wrong. Babies need something to help them interact with their environment.

Toys are just tools. And guess what, toys can be anything.

Whether you give your baby toys worth hundreds of dollars or a wooden spoon from the kitchen, she won’t know a thing. To your baby, it’s just stuff that makes her happy. It’s because babies play with toys, not like adults.

We, adults, understand toys as something that fulfill our hearts. We love the looks, we love the way it feels in our hands. Even sometimes, toys are bought just to be put in a display.

Babies play with toys as a way to explore their surroundings. They grasp it, feel it, and even bangs it against the floor. In some cases, they even suck toys.

What kind of toys your baby needs?

Just because you can use anything as toys, it doesn’t mean you’re not paying attention to its safety. Baby toys are for babies. They are designed to meet babies’ developmental interests. And most importantly, baby toys use baby-friendly materials, which is soft, easy-to-handle, and free of choking hazards.

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Therefore, choose toys for your baby wisely. Toys are not meant only to enhance the physical development of your baby. The development of her cognitive, creative and social development skills are involved too. That’s why besides materials, you may want to consider there features when you want to give your baby toys.

Sound is the sense your baby use before her eyesight is completely developed. She uses her ears to sense where objects are. Toys that are able to produce sound is advised.

  • Bright colors

When your baby’ eyes start to function fully, introducing toys with various colors help her differentiate one color with another.

  • Movement

Toys that can move can help your baby react to movement.

When do Babies Play with Toys?

Believe it or not, newborns don’t need toys. When she is two-month old, she doesn’t have the desire to play with toys yet. She’s still passive.

She may look at you or listen to you but she doesn’t have the ability to respond to you yet. Therefore, toys for newborns are almost unnecessary since your baby doesn’t even recognize her own hands yet.

You can start to introduce toys to your baby when she’s three months old. At this age, your baby is able to move her fingers. She starts to recognize her ability to move around on her own. Giving her toys becomes more reasonable as tools for her to learn.

However, don’t use toys a way to distract your baby. Play with her. Get involved in her game. It is a fun way for you to interact with your baby and create a bond.

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Toys are only tools to help your baby develop her ability to recognize things in which your involvement is the main factor to make it happen.

The most important thing is to make sure that she develops well and get all the love she needs.

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