Pregnancy mask, also known as chloasma or melasma gravidarum, can happen during pregnancy when a rapid elevation of estrogen levels causes your melatonin to be produced in excess quantities. It seems as blotchy spots on your skin and is much more likely to happen with women with darker complexions than people with milder ones as girls of those complexions have more pigmentation in their skin.

The spots can appear on your upper lip, nose, cheekbones and forehead and other parts of your body also, and exposure to sunlight can make the condition worse. This hormone-induced hyperpigmentation is also the cause of linea nigra, a dark line which could appear running down your stomach, and also the temporary darkening of your own nipples.

While the issue will probably resolve itself after you’ve finished breastfeeding along with your estrogen levels balance, there are natural methods of decreasing the severity of the stains and possibly even eliminating them altogether.

As said, do stay away from bleaches, and avoid any chemical peels or laser treatments that may irritate your skin.
Once you give birth, your doctor can suggest birth control pills to mitigate your estrogen levels. While this is definitely an option you’ll be able to talk together, you may also need to think about other more natural methods of balancing your hormone levels. By way of example, naturopathic medicine offers an assortment of ways to help, and acupuncture can also provide you with the balance you seek out.

If any discoloration of your skin appears to be worrisome, see your doctor as you don’t need to miss possible changes in skin related to cancer. While pregnancy mask is not a sign of skin cancer development, potentially dangerous changes in the skin color could erroneously be connected with the harmless melasma you may already be experiencing.

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Pregnancy Mask – How to Avoid and Eliminate Pregnancy Mask Obviously

Perhaps you have heard of a maternity mask or Melasma?

Pregnancy mask is a condition when your upper lips, upper lip, and forehead become a brownish color like a mask. I understand the feeling of this uncomfortable and deficiency of self-confidence because of this difficulty since actually, I have been there years ago. The majority of us become so frustrated trying to eliminate it without harming the infant.
Fortunately, pregnancy masks can be prevented in the very first place. There are some ways that you can do to avoid this, and if you do get it, in the majority of cases it will go away after your pregnancy. Here are some steps to avoid the pregnancy mask and reduce the severity of the spots:

1. Always use sunscreen at which you go. You can also cover up your face using a hat or umbrella to prevent the direct sunlight.
2. Drink 8 glasses of mineral water with either lemon or orange squeezed in during the day. The water can allow you to flush toxins out within your body, and at the exact same time boost your metabolism. Make your house consistently humidified since dry air makes your skin also dry and harden.
4. Eat a healthy and balance menu to get enough vitamins.
5. Avoid a lot of washing with a soap to wash your face or hands since this habit will just destroy your skin and remove the good oil. Always burst your body with cold water after a shower to close pores.

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Pregnancy mask could be removed or even averted by following the above tips on a daily basis. Remember that if you’ve got it , you can minimize the spots right away. Get back your skin again and feel confident about your pregnancy.
Imagine you will have a beautiful and healthy pregnancy!

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