What Age Do Babies Teeth? You have to know

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What Age Do Babies Teeth – During normal growth and development stage, the baby will usually start growing teeth in the early period of the meal. Well, at what age this moment actually happened?

According to Dr. Aditya Suryansyah, SpA from RSAB Harapan Kita, Jakarta, first teeth usually grow a varied 5-11 months. So if for example, until the age of 9 months teeth children yet also growing, and this is still normal and not to worry about the parents.

“Most of the growth of the first tooth is affected by genetic factors and relate to the father or mother as a child. If the father or mother is usually too late to grow teeth, there is a chance the child will experience the same thing, “said Dr. Aditya

Most of the parents if the child-minded late growing teeth, then this is likely caused by the lack of intake of certain nutrients such as calcium or vitamins. So then children given supplements, which may in fact not he needed.

This opinion have agreed by Dr. Aditya. He confirmed that the allotment of vitamins or certain substances to spur the growth of teeth is not always true. Even if it is done without the advice of a doctor could harm the health of the little one. Especially when these supplements are given.

Thus, when parents encouraged her son to the doctor checked if not also teething? “Up to 1.5 years old children if not also grow new checks to a physician, later sought out what cause,” Dr. Aditya.

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