As a parent, we really want to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with our baby including how well he/she grows as an infant. Wo want to make sure that our baby grows steadily and normally as other baby on the same age does, but how do we know it? The answer for the emerging question is baby growth and development chart.

In the simplest term, baby growth chart is a measurement tool to compare your baby growth rate with other babies on similar age categories. There are three elements measured in baby growth chart which are weight, height, and head circumference. These three elements used by professionals to track baby growth and development. Based on the data collected on these three elements, you could compare your baby development with other babies in infant growth chart.


How to read baby growth chart for boy and girl

The result observed in baby growth chart is presented in form of percentile. There are two metrics used in baby growth chart which are age (horizontal axis) and measurement (vertical axis). In order to get the percentile, you have to input the measurement (height, weight, or head circumferance) and the age (in month) of your baby into the chart and compare it with the already presented line (based on WHO data). Thus, the number is presented in growth chart percentile.

The percentile that you got based on the chart is a comparison of your baby growth with other babies. For example, if you get 60% in height it means that your baby is taller than 60% of other babies in the same age and there are 40% other babies who are taller than your baby in the same age category. The similar principle is also applied for weight and head circumferance. In general, that is how you read baby growth and development chart.

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Baby development after birth

Every baby is unique and have different growth percentile from one another. The higher the percentile is doesn’t mean that it is better. The baby who are breastfed will have different growth percentile from the baby who exclusively relies on formula. There are fast growing babies and there are also slow and steady babies. You don’t have to focus on how high the number is but rather than to the development of your baby.


Do baby percentiles matter?

The function of baby growth percentile to compare your baby with other babies in similar age category. Rather than focusing on the number that you got, you should put more concern on the comparison of the number in each month. For example, if your baby get 50% at the first month and then it drops down to 20% in the next month, that means your baby get a problem in between the result taken. The problem could be because of illness, food, or other factors. You should discuss the problem with your doctor to determine the cause and to take the necessary measure alongside it.


Head circumference, height, and weight percentile calculator

If you want to keep track your baby growth percentile between doctor visit you could track down your baby development by yourself. There are onlince baby growth calculator to help you track down your baby development. You can google it and head to the official website such as WHO and it is all free. You just need to input your baby gender, the measurement (weight, height, or head circumference), and the age; sit back and let the calculator calculater the percentage for you. This way, you could always monitor your baby development.

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