What Is Colic In Babies

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What Is Colic In Babies – Ever heard the term colic in infants? Colic is a State of abdominal pain/pain is generally caused by too many babies swallow air while he was drinking or the sucking. Colic will cause stomach stretch and disrupt the normal digestive system of the baby.

Babies swallow air while he suckled in fact already become commonplace, as long as it is still within the limits that are tolerable. Mothers need to notice is how breastfeeding babies good and true, and what is done on the baby after she is sucking. When the baby was laid after the sucking, then air is ingested will be hard to get out and eventually cause colic. Different when the baby is positioned vertically or upright after feeding, the air ingested will usually be an easy out.

In addition, because of too much air swallowing, colic can be caused due to, among others: a baby’s digestive system does not tolerate lactose or milk protein of cows, condition of reflux (stomach acid and milk will back up into the esophagus), digestive system and the nervous system that has not been perfect, the presence of gas in the intestines, and hypersensitive to the environment (light, sound). But these things still a hypothesis, not a definite cause.

Colic is not a new thing, it’s just often referred to by different terms in each area. Elderly people who lay though generally quite understand this, and are more or less already know how to handle it.

There used to be a bunch of doctors or health researchers United States that examines why colic is uncommon in babies Navaho Indian tribes in North America, it turns out that this is because the Navaho tribe custom of carrying their baby in a vertical position. Navaho tribe babies will be tied with either on a Board that is enclosed, and his arms on her back with her arms and legs to let the uplifted. Known, the position of the perpendicular of this kind made the baby easily eject the air already ingested. After knowing this, then subsequently health researchers make a baby sling it functions similar to a sling Navaho Indian tribe. Certainly made better and soft, so that the baby feels comfortable that eventually will prevent it from colic

When the baby is exposed to colic

When your baby is exposed to colic, raise the position of her head when lying down. The trick, place the cushion on the bottom of his mattress on the head, so that when it was laid, the head of the baby will be higher than his feet. But pay attention not to the baby’s neck bent, though obliquely, the baby must remain in a State of straight and don’t get too steep so that the baby can slip down. For more practical, you can use the special reflux mattress for baby.

Before laying him, try to enforce them in a vertical position a while so he burps. How, with the baby’s head remains on top, gently press the abdomen underneath, can with one hand or with Your shoulders/chest, while the other hand patting her back slowly (see picture above). It should be noted, when the baby is crying, it will swallow more air. This means the baby State, should calm down before he can remove it. Lift gently and slowly while walking around in the room will help calm him down, and thus will relieve tension in the discharge channel.

The baby is fed on milk bottles should get more attention. Keep the nipples to always clean and its hole is not too large or too small. A hole that is too big will make him drink too much in a single suction, while the holes are too small will make it trying to suck more power and this will increase the amount of air swallowed. The nipple with a hole that is too large is better not to have to use it again, or discard it. And if its hole too small, you could be raising him alone, or if in doubt, it is better to buy new nipple fitting just create your baby.

It should be noted

The baby continuously crying/fussing due to colic, it’s good is taken to a doctor. Perhaps he requires special treatment or possibly a drug to relieve the spasm in her stomach. And also try to always keep the harmony/tranquility in the household, because don’t you think the baby doesn’t respond when the present pressure or tension in the household.

What Is Colic In Babies

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