When Can You Feel Baby Move? 4 Months pregnant Baby Movements start to Feel

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When Can You Feel Baby Move – At the age of 4 months pregnant or around 17-20 weeks, pregnant women in General began to feel their baby’s movements. The baby face shape also looks the more obvious.

If it’s on the 3rd month of pregnancy, you can still wear some clothes that are loose, the chances are you have been wearing clothes and pants need to get pregnant. On this 4th month, the fetus will be enlarged with the face of an increasingly formed clear.

How The Growth Of The Fetus? In the early pregnant 4 months of age, your baby will be more or less measuring 13 cm weighing about 140 grams. Head shell composed of cartilage will begin to harden. Vertebra the nerves began sheathed by a protective coating called myelin. While the sweat glands also started growing all over his body. Central cord into channel sources its food will also be very strengthened and expands.

After you begin to feel the baby’s movements at the age of 4 months pregnant, in the next months the fetus will be very resembles a small baby. On the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby’s movement that had been only as a subtle kick will turn into a boost that feels stronger. In addition, the symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and frequent urination will subside. The month can be the most time enjoyed for the expectant mother.

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