When you’re pregnant, you may be wondering who inside your belly is. Is it a boy, or a girl? Are you going to buy blue or pink clothes? You can find out the gender of your baby using several methods. Here are some ways to determine your baby gender and when you can do it.


The most popular method to discover your baby gender is through an ultrasound scan. It is as its name. Basically, an ultrasound scan delivers sound wave through your womb to get a picture of what is inside your belly.

The picture that is shown in the screen is the result of the waves being bounced back like an echo, which is converted into an image of your baby.

This way, you can find the gender by looking at the genitals. The earliest to find out the gender of the baby by ultrasound usually happens between the 18th and 22nd weeks. However, the genital image may not be reflected because of the position of your baby.

If you’re lucky and she’s facing up, the chance is high, but if your baby is facing down and hiding her body, the genital may not be discovered.

Nevertheless, there are some indicators in the ultrasound images that your doctor can use to identify your baby’s gender.

The first is the absence of a penis. If the image doesn’t show any signs of the male genital, your baby may be a girl. However, during the early pregnancy weeks, the shape of male and female genitals is identical. Therefore, you cannot be sure yet.

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The second is the hamburger sign. You can tell that your baby is a girl if the image shows a hamburger-like sign in your baby’s genital area. The sign appears as three lines, capturing the clitoris that is situated between the two labia.

The third is the turtle sign. In this case, the image shows the tip of the penis hiding behind your baby’s testicles, just like a turtle head.

Ramzi’s method

If you want to predict the gender of your baby early, try using Ramzi’s method. Dr. Ramzi through his research claims that he can predict the baby as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The prediction lies in the image of the placenta placement. If your baby is a boy, the placenta is on the right side and if your baby is a girl, the placenta is on the left side.

However, it is still debatable whether the method works or not. There is no evidence supporting Ramzi’s theory in determining gender.

However, there’s nothing wrong in trying this method. You can ask your doctor where the placenta is located and find out yourself afterward.

Myths on baby gender

Besides those two methods above, there are many other theories that claim can predict the gender of your baby. And you should be aware whether it’s true or not, especially if it comes to myths. You don’t want to expect highly but then turned down by reality, do you? Here are some myths that you may not know yet.

Morning sickness

Perhaps you heard once that severe morning sickness is an indication of your baby gender. If your baby is a girl, your hormone levels are higher, making you have more morning sickness. On the contrary, if your baby is a boy, you won’t vomit much.

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But that’s not the truth. Different women with different conditions of pregnancy experience different morning sickness. There is no scientific study that supports this claim. So, don’t bother much about your morning sickness.


Your tongue wants some salty and savory food really badly. Therefore, your baby is a boy. If you crave sweet food like chocolate, the chance is that your baby is a girl. Well, this sign also doesn’t have scientific research to support it. Cravings may be caused by pregnancy hormones that can change how some foods taste and smell to you.

Heart rate

This is one of the most known myths. The gender of your baby can be determined through the heartbeat. A baby boy will have under 140 beats per minute a baby girl will have higher than 140 beats per minute. Although it sounds more scientific compared to the other two myths, it is still not proved.

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