When Should I Feel My Baby Move in My Womb

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When Should I Feel My Baby Move in My Womb – One of the most awaited moments by pregnant women is when feeling the baby’s movements for the first time. Unfortunately, many who have yet to know when the baby started moving in the womb, when the liver starts to fruit kicks felt. Knowing this it is extremely important to monitor the development of the baby in the womb.

When the baby starts moving in the womb?

The mother should feel baby’s first movements when entering the gestational age 16 to 25 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy, then the first movement could be slower namely approaching the age of 25 weeks. On the second pregnancy, some pregnant women start to feel the baby’s movements as soon as possible at 13 weeks gestation.

Like what the hell does it feel like when the baby starts moving?

Expectant mothers will feel baby movement as if there was something moving from inside the womb, would probably feel like ditendang-tendang, driven, or twitch.

For the first time pregnant, might have trouble distinguishing whether it be baby movement or movement of other abdominal organs, such as when there is gas in the intestine, hunger, and so on. But for the mother of the second and third pregnant already, they will be more adept at distinguishing when the baby started moving. Along with increasing gestational age, then the baby’s movement will be different. On the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s movements will be more realistic feel, that is in the form of kicks, encouragement and elbowing.

 How often does the baby move?

At a time when the baby started moving in early pregnancy, it just feels a little (ticked) with a frequency that is rare. But along with increasing gestational age, usually at the end of the second trimester, the baby kicks must be stronger and more frequent. Studies show that in the third trimester, the baby is moving around 30 times per hour.

Babies tend to move more frequently at certain times of the day, it is usually most active at 21:00-01:00 pm, just like Mom’s sleeping hours. A movement more often at occurs due to a change in blood sugar levels. The baby in the womb can also respond to sound or touch, and maybe even kick your sleep partner, if he feels the narrowness.

The movement of the baby needs to be monitored!

After the baby’s movements become established (usually on Sunday 28), some doctors suggest that the mother always monitor the baby’s movements to verify continued moving normally meaning that the health condition of babies in good condition.

If you want to be counted, make sure the mother is in a comfortable position, could be seated or lying on certain hours most active when the baby moves. Calculate how many times the baby felt movement for 2 hours, take note and then compare in the days afterwards in the same hour. Indeed, there has been no standard raw about the amount of movement that should be counted and how its normal value, but the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that mothers must feel at least 10 movements in two hours.

If today’s mother did not feel the baby move 10 times as long as two hours, try again the next day. Then, if you still cannot feel 10 movements in two hours, or the baby is not more active than usual, then contact Your health care provider, either a midwife or doctor.

What to look out for?
If your pregnancy has not yet reached 25 weeks and did not feel the baby moving, or if you are not sure whether it is the movement of the baby or not, do not panic. Along with the growth of the baby, you will be able more easily to distinguish his movement. You also will be able to know at how more active baby move every day.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some babies who are naturally less active indeed moves than others. That is why the importance of routine pregnancy checks to monitor the health of the fruit of the heart. Know The Pregnancy Examination Schedule.

Lack of movement can also mean that the baby is sleeping. The mother may also feel that the movement of the baby kicks and elbow becoming rarer after the age of 32 weeks of pregnancy, that is when the baby grows bigger, whereas the room (womb) that are available to become narrow to move.

Timeline of the movements of the baby in the Womb.

To make it more easily understood and remembered, here is a guide that can be used to monitor the movement of the baby.

  • Week 12: the baby should begin to move, but the mother usually will not feel anything, because the baby is still very small.
  • Week 16: Some pregnant mothers will begin to feel the debar-debar. Still, it is hard to distinguish whether it’s baby’s movements or the movement of gas in the intestines.
  • Week 20: pregnant women start to really feel the first movements of the baby.
  • Week 24: baby Movements start to become more established. Content sometimes feels like a twitch indicating that babies are hiccups. Read: baby Hiccups Since the womb. (Minimum 10 times/2 hours in the most active).
  • Week 28: the baby started moving. It will feel more elbow and kicks are real. (Minimum 10 times/2 hours in the most active).
  • Week 36: narrow Uterus along with the increased magnitude of the baby, so the movement of the baby getting a little spark

That’s the answer to the question of When Should I Feel My Baby Move, her movements such as what, and how often the movement is perceived. May be useful.

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