Breastfeed or formula are great for your baby, but eventually you will need to introduce your baby with solid food. A question arise alongside the fact mentioned before which is when is the right time to do so? In this article, let’s try to understand several key factors to determine the suitable time to introduce your baby to solids.

Baby’s food time can be very tricky to deal with. If you start too early it might harm your baby because he/she is not ready yet for solid foods. In the other hand, if you start too late your baby might suffer malnutrition and surely it will hamper his/her development. As a parent, you should be able to identify the right time to introduce solids to your baby through certain indicators.

Introducing solids schedule to your baby can a be determine through three important indicators. The first indicator is that your baby is interested in food. When you see your baby grows interest towards food, for example you see that he/she try to reach out to your food or paying attention to you when you are eating, the first sign is checked. The second indicator is your baby could sit and keep the head up. The last one is your baby has developed necessary skill to chew and swallowed. Make sure that the three indicators are clearly checked since they are very important to ensure your baby won’t get any trouble when dealing with solids.

Another factor to consider when starting to introduce your baby to solids is age. It is recommended to exclusively breastfeed your baby until the age of six months. During the period, giving your baby breast-milk is enough. You might heard that breast-milk contains just small amount of iron, but normally your baby will have sufficient iron for about six months unless there are special condition when he/she was born. Unless your baby having certain medical condition, six month is the considerable age when to give baby food.

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What foods do you introduce to baby first?

There are some variations that you could try to introduce to your baby when he/she start to eat solid. You can start with pureed-meat or rice cereal. Rice cereal traditionally is the common choice as the first food for your baby. If your baby is not comfortable with rice cereal, you can also start with pureed-meat.

The most important thing that you should remember when giving your baby food is the food has enough nutrition for your baby. Be aware that your baby will need iron-rich food normally after the age of six month to support his/her growth and development. When choosing cereal, make sure that it is iron-fortified cereal.


Baby food recipes 6-8 months

At the first stage of introdcuing your baby to solids, you can start with puree. Puree is easily digested and has soft texture so your baby will be more comfortable when receiving food for the first time. You can try several variations in the period such as pea purée, banana purée, Avocado purée, or sweet potato puree. You can also start with iron-fortified rice cereal as mentioned before.

For the second period after your baby get used to the solids (around 7-9 months old), you can try to give purée with multiple ingredients or other variations of soft food. You can try a variation of pumpkin thymee purée which contains important nutrition such as beta carotene, potassium, and iron. You can also give a combination of spinach and white yams. The combination is good for your baby since it contains calcium, iron, and vitamin A.

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