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When to Wean Baby and How is The Right Method of Weaning

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In this post I want to share about When to Wean Baby and How is The Right Method of Weaning.

Wean or stop the baby from breast milk can be an emotional time, not only for the baby, but also for the mother. Not only because there will be changes to the way a baby get nutrition, but especially because most babies got peace of milk straight from the breast of his mother that is the importance of weaning.

It is not easy to find a way so that the baby feels still cherished, though no longer suckle. Here are two of the most frequently appearing related how to wean the child, along with the answer.

When is the right time?

Depending on the choice of each mother. The first six months of life, infants are the recommended period for infants to get BREAST MILK exclusives. “Every baby deserves a breast milk exclusively since being born during the 6 (six) months, unless upon medical indication.”

After that the baby gets nutrients from breast milk and MPASI (food Companion breast milk). While public breast feeding period is up to two year old baby. At the age of one year, babies can drink from a cup and began looking for ways other than sucking to get comfortable. Instead of BREAST MILK, you can give the weaning foods, namely solid foods that are rich in vitamin C, iron, and calcium rich. Food-the food is, among other things cheese, porridge, cereal, vegetable and fruit mixed with BREAST MILK or milk.

Signs baby is ready to wean from breastfeeding

When do babies naturally wean? Most experts describe some signs can start weaning babies, among others, he was able to sit upright with your head for a long time, the coordination of the eyes, mouth, and his hands began to work so well that he can take and put food solid mouth. Though not always can be a benchmark, but following public signs can be a feature of the infant likely already be weaned.

If the little breast milk directly from:

  • Refused to suckle.
  • Sucking breast nipple several times and then stops the sucking.
  • When the sucking, he often noticed around, want to come down from the bosom, or play with your clothes.
  • Interested in drinking from the Cup.

If she consumes milk bottle:

  • Keep the bottles that are not yet empty.
  • Sucking it briefly, then dot.
  • Interested in drinking from the Cup.

However, be careful, don’t be misinterpreting the baby has a big appetite or start as a sign of teething babies weaned ready.

How do I get started or method of weaning

How to start really depends on your needs and character of each child and the mother. It is important to know the signs of a child could be weaned as explained above. The following guidelines can be a common benchmark to wean or weaning tips:

  • Start slowly. Start a gradual weaning is not only beneficial for the child, but also for you. Reduce the frequency of breastfeeding will slowly make BREAST MILK decreases gradually. The deduction slowly is important to reduce the risk of breast swelling and tenderness.
  • It would be easier to start a business during the day due to wean the child usually the milk in the morning and evenings for convenience. How to wean a child can start gradually with stops nursed her during the day, replaced it with solid food, but still give BREAST MILK at night.
  • Start by replacing one time breast feeding with milk bottles or cups in one day. Keep following the same schedule during the week. Then the next week adds the time when you provide milk bottle and breast feeding reduce directly. The baby is one year old and above can be given cow’s milk instead of breast milk.
  • If the baby’s usual milk before going to bed, try to put to sleep without feedings gradually. Create another fun before bedtime rituals, such as reciting fairy tales or listen to music. Make him feel comfortable with being petted or hugged.
  • In addition to stops the sucking BREAST MILK directly, then the child should also stop consuming milk bottles to avoid tooth decay. Avoid letting a baby sleep, crawling, or walking by bringing the bottle to nowhere.
  • Start using cups more often than a bottle. Put more water in the Cup than in bottles. Alternatively, place the preferred drink of the child into the cups and place the not so she liked in the bottle. For example, put the milk and juice (for babies over 6 months) in a cup and mineral water in bottle.
  • Cuddle and touch children more often so that he doesn’t feel neglected after feedings.
  • Involve other family members, like a father. Let children interact with his father when he wants to suckle.

When to wean baby from bottle or how old should a baby stop using a bottle.

To wean the child from a bottle of milk, make sure it starts with offering the Cup first. If the child is aged less than the 6-8 Moon, often tend to chew than drink cups. For children who refuse the Cup directly, give milk bottle but briefly.

Good to wean the mother, especially those who want to have more children, because with this activity could make it easier to stop the process of pregnancy. However, the cessation of the process of breastfeeding can cause breast swelling and tenderness. You can take some with compresses an unused breast with ice.

On the other hand, how to wean the child the right to be precise in order to delay, should wean the child if:

  • Children at risk of experiencing allergy if consumes food or drink other than breast milk. For the same reason, it is recommended that BREAST MILK provided at least until the six-month-old baby.
  • If you or your child is sick, or if children are teething, because these conditions can make weaning became more complicated.
  • If a major change is taking place, as you and your family moving house or traveling in the long run, because it can make the little experience stress.

The most important thing at the moment is the focus on convenience wean your baby and yourself. No need to concern yourself with other people compares because each experience is unique. You may have your own deadline on when children should’ve not been sucking, but it would be better to be flexible towards the deadline.

That’s the information about “The Importance of weaning: When to Wean Baby and How is The Right Method of Weaning”. May be useful for all mothers

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