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Halo-Maddy here – creator and producer Baby Jake for the production company Darrall and juggler of all things family! Although I don’t have 10 children like family windmill at Baby Jake, I have children aged one year and three years who need regular pursuit! None of them appear on the show this new CBeebies, though they have inspired a lot of warmth and humor this series.


Baby Jake is a refreshing natural series, starring a true baby, which started on CBeebies this July. Baby Jake is the youngest of 10 children who live in the Windmill with their parents. His older brother who was six years old, Isaac, is the narrator of the series who can understand all the laughter and shock, Baby Jake and opens the door to an imaginary world in which Baby Jake singing, dancing and chatting with friends his beast, Pengy Quin, Sydney the Monkey, Rabbit and Hamsternaut Snacks.


In the heart of Baby Jake is the relationship between a baby boy aged 9 months we, Jake and his older brother, Isaac, aged 6. We want the relationship between brothers and sisters is as powerful as possible so that we have given two real life. Brother, Adamo and Franco, like Baby Jake and Isaac-see how natural they shared on the show! We auditioned hundreds of the baby before finding the Baby Jake is just right. How lucky the moment baby Adamo came to the auditions last us with his mother, along with his brother Franco as well. I auditioned them both and can barely hold back my excitement as they hugged and kissed him naturally to the camera and clearly has the miracle we’ve been looking for. They are equally fun the kids to work with. Thanks to their mother, Nicola, also because they are really children behaved beautifully on TV!

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So we played the Adamo as Baby Jake, we take a pic to the animators (-hours Media, based in Dublin) that require some poses to change a photo into a realistic Adamo walking, talking, crawling baby animation. For three days in a studio of photography, we use 7 stills camera-all clicking together – to produce about 15,000 pictures Baby Jake so that the animators can use it. When you filmed with babies, there are official guidelines that must be followed and these include hours of work can be done. Shoot with so many cameras are the only way to get the job done!


There are a lot of good luck and positive throughout the production of Baby Jake-including a double Rainbow in the sky at the site of the windmill in Lincolnshire that you’ll see that we’ve been accustomed to end the show. It’s really incredible views! I hope these pictures of brightly and the warmth of family-focused program is attacking the emotional chord with all of you and your family-if so, come and laugh and smile together Baby Jake every day at 10.15 and 14.15 on CBeebies starting Monday July 4.


Baby Jake full cast and Baby Jake cast now

Series Cast

Adamo Bertacchi-Morroni       Baby Jake 52 episodes, 2011-2012

Franco Bertacchi-Morroni        Isaac 52 episodes, 2011-2012

Kaizer Akhtar                               Isaac 52 episodes, 2011-2012

Richard Upton                             Baby Jake’s Father (uncredited) 52 episodes, 2011-2012

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Baby jake brothers and sisters names

I am not sure if this has been done before, but worth a try.

Ok, so most of you have probably seen the new program on Cbeebies with all the siblings but what do you think of their names?










And Jake

So which 1 boys and 1 girls name would you choose from the list? And then what A-J list would you make from your favorite names? Can either be just a boys list or girls list or a mix.


How old is Baby Jake now 2017?

In the Year 2017 age Baby Jake 7 years


Who Plays Ava In Baby Jake

our theory is that she’s Jake’s real mother. They’re saving that plot twist for the next series.

Who Plays Ava In Baby Jake -



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